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How to Offer Live Chat Support in Your Odoo Website

Updated 8 April 2022

Customer Satisfaction is the most essential part of any business; because happy customer leads to enhanced business. There are several ways to make your customers happy about your business; like offering deals & discounts, better UI of website, etc. 

However, most of the ways can help you bring temporary customer satisfaction. In the long run, you must have to think of a credible way where customer satisfaction is not just meant for a single-time sale but to maintain long-term healthy relationships with clients.

A potential customer has several doubts or queries before and even after purchase; so resolve those queries quickly so that they can trust your business; eventually beneficial in long run.

What could be better than live chat support on a website for customers! Offering live chat support means that you can timely resolve customers’ queries.

If the queries are presales then it increases the chance for the customer to make a purchase. If the customer has post-sale doubts then it offers them a beautiful experience which results in them choosing your website before anyone else. 

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Benefits of Live Chat Support On a Website

Here are the listed benefits a business gets after installing the Live Chat Support Option on their Website:

  • Chat Support is cost-effective when compared to phone support.
  • Live Chat Support can help you increase the conversion rate.
  • It offers complete customer satisfaction.
  • You can also discover the pain points of customers.
  • Chat Support is more trackable than phone support.
  • It lets you resolve the issues quickly.

Analysis of Live Chat Support Option


When a customer visits a website then he/she expects a live chat support option to resolve his/her queries. Moreover, a report says about 60% of customers want a quick reaction from support to their inquiry.

Hence, Live chat support has become the topmost digital contact method for online customers and lets you know your customers better. 

Looking to a report by Zendesk, 92% of customers feel satisfied when they get live chat support; compared to other support options like voice (88%), web form (85%), email (85%), and social media (Facebook 84%, Twitter 77%).

Though customer satisfaction in chat support also depends on how convincing is the person offering support.

Are You Planning to Offer Live Chat Support to your Customers on your Odoo Website?

How to Offer Live Chat Support in Your Odoo Website

Live Chat Support on Odoo Website

  1. To get the Live Chat feature on your Odoo Website, open the Apps module, search for “Live Chat” and then click on the install button.
  2. Now go to the Website module and click on the Configuration tab and navigate to the Settings to go to the Live Chat option.
Live Chat Configuration in Odoo
  1. Select the channel to be linked to your Odoo website or create a new one directly from the Live Chat Module in Odoo.
  2. When you edit or create a new live chat channel then you need to add Channel Name, Add Operators to respond to the chat requests. Please note that if operators do not show any activity in Odoo for more than 30min are considered disconnected. You can also Leave/Join The Channel from here.
Odoo Website Live Chat Channels
  1. Now, click on the Options tab and set the default text to be shown on the live chat button; an automated welcome message to be seen by visitors when a conversation is initiated, and the text that prompts the user to initiate a chat. You can also set Livechat Button and Channel Header Color.
View Options in Odoo Website Live Chat Channels
  1. Now, go to the Channel Rules tab; here click on the Add a Line and choose an action for a given URL; you can set it separately for each country. You can also set Auto Pop Up Timer in seconds; the chat window automatically pops up after a defined time when users (from any country) land on the contact us page.
Rules for Odoo Live Chat
  1. If your website was not created with Odoo, you can find the code to be added to your own, under the Widget tab. Odoo also offers an URL you can send to users so they can have access to a single live chat page.
Odoo Website Live Chat Widget
  1. Yo
  2. Conversations initiated by visitors pop up as a direct message and are shown in Discuss Module. 
Live Chat in Odoo Discuss Module
  1. Please refer to the below-mentioned screenshot to check how the Live Chat Support on Odoo Website looks at the customer’s end.
Odoo Website Live Chat

Webkul Has A lot more for Live Chat Support of your Odoo Online Store

Webkul Odoo Modules

Odoo Marketplace Buyer Seller Live Chat

If you are using Odoo Multi-Vendor Marketplace to sell products/services and want to enable the Buyer Seller Live chat option then you are at the right place. The module allows your customers to interact with sellers directly through Live Chat and ask their queries about products, the marketplace, etc. It also helps your sellers to build a strong relationship with their availability of Live chats.

Features Offered in Odoo Marketplace Buyer Seller Live Chat
  • Offer a Live Chat option between sellers and customers.
  • You can track conversations from all sellers on the marketplace.
  • Customers get notifications for each message of the conversation in the same tab.
  • Multiple chat widgets in the front-end as well as backend.

Odoo WhatsApp Chat Integration

Now, offer quick support to your customers via WhatsApp. Odoo Whatsapp Chat Integration helps you to integrate Whatsapp Live Chat with Odoo and adds a Whatsapp widget to your Odoo Website. It also lets you segregate the support team; so, that your customers can directly contact the concerned person easily. 

Moreover, the customers can also see the Availability of the Team members. Hence, the module Odoo Whatsapp Chat Integration facilitates you to offer the best and quick support to your customers.

Features Offered in Odoo WhatsApp Chat Integration
  • Customers connect to you directly from their WhatsApp accounts.
  • Segregate Different Support Teams as required.
  • Customize Whatsapp Chat Widget Colors.
  • Availability Of Support Team In The Chat Widget.
  • Customers can see Whatsapp Chat Head on Odoo Website.

Not just this! Webkul is also offering Whatsapp Chat Integration with Odoo Multi-Vendor Marketplace. 

Odoo Marketplace Whatsapp Live Chat allows your customers to interact with sellers directly through Whatsapp and ask their queries about products, the marketplace, etc. Each seller can be given their own WhatsApp chat window so the customers can reach out to the concerned sellers. You can provide real-time support and service to your Odoo marketplace visitors to promote customer experience and convenience.

Features Offered in Odoo Marketplace WhatsApp Chat Integration
  • Provide Chat Support Using Whatsapp On Odoo Marketplace
  • Add Whatsapp Chat Widget To The Marketplace Website
  • Attend Customers’ Issues And Queries Over Whatsapp
  • Includes Different Chat Section Of Each Seller
  • Admin Control On Which Seller Can Provide Chat Support
  • Customize The Whatsapp Chat Widget UI From Odoo

Odoo Social Commerce Chat

 Integrate Facebook Messenger with Odoo & Start conversing with your clients. A Facebook messenger chat head is enabled on Odoo Website after the successful configuration.

Chat with customers directly from Facebook which is configured to your Odoo. Improve customer engagement and deliver better client satisfaction.

Odoo Website customers can directly log in to their Facebook Accounts from the chat head and start their conversation with you. Customers can directly chat with the admin via the module.

Odoo Facebook Messenger Chat allows your customers to chat with you directly from Odoo Website via Facebook messenger. You can also easily discover customer pain points which will help you to improve your product and services as per your customers.

Features Offered in Odoo Social Commerce Chat
  • Enable/disable the Facebook messenger chat checkbox on Odoo Website.
  • Customers need to log in to their Facebook accounts to connect to you.
  • Get the customer’s message in Facebook Messenger Inbox.
  • Reply to your customer’s message directly from Facebook.
  • Set custom color theme code in the Odoo backend setting.
  • Add Logged in and Logged out Greeting Messages from the backend.


The above-listed Odoo Apps are developed by Webkul which can help you to offer live chat support in Odoo. If you are looking for any of these Odoo Apps to offer chat support then you are good to go. 

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