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    ChatWhizz : Scheduler Integration – [User Guide]

    ChatWhizz Chat Application is here with yet another add-on namely Scheduler Integration that lets you manage ChatWhizz conferences with ease.

    Scheduler add-on helps to manage conferences in a simplified manner. You can configure the timer before which the reminder emails will be sent to the conference participants automatically. If you are a Chatwhizz user, you will get a notification on the Chatwhizz panel as well.

    How To Enable The Add-On?

    To install the Scheduler Add-On on ChatWhizz, login to the ChatWhizz admin panel

    ChatWhizz Chat Application

    Now, scroll down the side menu bar and find the Scheduler Configuration.

    ChatWhizz Chat Application

    How To Configure?

    To configure the scheduler time and notification email, visit Scheduler Configuration and entre details. These details include the Scheduler token that you get from here

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    Moreover, enable the toggler if you want to send an email to the conference participants or send notifications to ChatWhizz users.

    You can configure the timer before which you want to send the reminder emails to ChatWhizz participants automatically.

    Scheduler-Configuration chatwhizz

    You’ll receive such an email prior to your conference scheduled via ChatWhizz Chat Application:

    chatwhizz email

    Explore more features of the ChatWhizz Chat Application:-

    ChatWhizz Conference feature that provides a smart way of real-time communication with text/media sharing and audio-video calling facility. 

    Also, More features including sending broadcast messages, group chat, share screen, Audio-Video calls.

    Need Help?

    For support, please leave your query at [email protected] or create a ticket at Webkul UVdesk.

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