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    ChatWhizz: Conference Feature

    Updated 10 December 2019

    ChatWhizz Introduction

    ChatWhizz provides a smart way of real-time communication with text/media sharing and audio-video calling facility. Conducting meetings got easier with the ChatWhizz Conference feature and a lot more!

    ChatWhizz allows conference between 8 members.


    Highlights of ChatWhizz

    • ChatWhizz is up with conference feature, allowing multiple users to interact with each other at the same time.
    • Conducting meetings got easier with remote parties, both internally and outside of the company. 
    • Screen Sharing with multiple users (maximum participant limit= 8)
    • Audio/Video Calling with multiple users
    • Conference rating feature.
    • Export/Download Conference Chat
    • Media sharing with multiple users during a conference.

    In this document, we are going to discuss the workflow of the ChatWhizz Conference feature from both conference creators as well as the conference participant’s end.

    Workflow from the end of the conference creator:

    Firstly, log in to your ChatWhizz account using your credential.

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    After login, you’ll land on the ChatWhizz Chatboard. Here, you need to click on the Home icon on the top right as shown below to get redirected to your ChatWhizz Dashboard:


    By this action, you’ll land on your ChatWhizz dashboard where you’ll need to click on the conference menu from the left navigation panel:


    Now, to create a new conference, click on the create conference menu as shown in the image above. This action will take you to the page shown below:


    To create the conference, you need to enter the following details:

    Conference Subject, Media Option (allow users to share screen & audio/video calling facility), Start & End date/time and lastly, the Agenda of the conference.

    Furthermore, you can add the conference participants just by mentioning their names & email ID. (Click on ‘Add User’ to add more participants- Maximum participant allowed= 8)
    After this, hit the Submit button to create the Conference.

    The creator & the participant of the conference will receive an email regarding this with conference details & a link to join the conference.
    The participant will also receive the username and pin which he will need to login to get into the conference.

    The created conference will be displayed on the ChatWhizz conference page, from here you can view, edit and go to that conference:


    View Conference

    When you’ll click on the view menu, you’ll be redirected to the following page:


    On this View Conference page, you’ll have Conference details, i.e., conference name, start/end date & time, status, agenda, average rating and conference link which was sent to you & the participant via email. This link will take you to the conference chat board.

    Below this, you’ll have the details about the conference participant including participant’s name, email ID, joining status as yes or no, pin that was sent to the participant via email using which he/she has to log in and lastly, under the action menu, you’ll have an icon which will let you send the conference invitation email to that participant once again.

    Edit Conference

    Now, coming back to the conference page, when you’ll click on the edit conference menu next to the view menu will take you to this following page:


    On this page, you’ll be able to edit the conference details, i.e., you can edit the conference subject, start/end date & time as well as the agenda of the conference.

    Go to Conference

    Back to the conference page, now, when you’ll click on the go to conference menu, it’ll take you to the conference chat board as shown below:


    Reaching on the ChatWhizz conference dashboard, you’ll have the details like conference name, created by, the scheduled date for the conference and duration of the conference. Also, you’ll have the time left timer which will show you the time left to initiate the conference. (refer to the image above)


    Conference Info


    Media Options

    The user needs to hit on the play icon on the top right of the chat board to initiate the conference.

    Once, the play button is clicked, you’ll be able to send messages now & a timer will start on the top right of the chat board showing the time left to end the conference.


    Clicking the icon on the extreme left of the info icon will let you filter the conference chat:


    You can end the conference by clicking on the red icon, right next to the timer. This action will give you a pop-up as shown below:


    Hit the end conference button to end the conference.

    Once the conference is ended, you or the other participant won’t be able to send messages to this conference any further.


    Conference Status

    The conference status will change accordingly on your ChatWhizz conference page (backend).

    (Refer to the image given below)

    • The ended conference will have Finished status. (Finished conference can’t be edited)
    • The on-going conference will have Active status.
    • The conference which is yet to be started will have Pending status.

    Media Options

    There are four media options provided in the ChatWhizz:

    • Ask for Screen Share
    • Share your Screen
    • Video Call
    • Audio Call

    ChatWhizz Compatible Browsers


    To use these features in Google Chrome, you need to add an extension to your Chrome browser. Here is the link to add that extension:

    If you are using Google Chrome versions above 73 or Firefox web browser then you don’t need to do this.

    Common steps for all the events

    To perform any of the media actions, these are the basic steps to follow:

    If the user answered the calls:

    Ask for Screen share:


    Share your screen:


    Audio Call:


    Video Call:



    Maximum 8 participants can be added while performing any of the above actions.

    Workflow from the end of the conference participant:

    The participant needs to click on the link received via email & login using the username and pin as mention earlier in this doc:


    After login, the participant will have a similar conference chat board. He needs to wait until the conference creator starts the conference from his end:


    Once, the conference creator starts the conference, the participant will be able to send messages.

    The participant won’t be able to end the conference from his end:


    Conference Rating

    The participants can review the functionality of the app after the successful completion of the conference session. Refer:


    Export Conference Chat

    After a successful conference session, the user can export and download the conference conversation.


    1- Download chat to your system.
    2- Export chat to your email


    This is all from the participant’s end.

    💡 Need Help?

    Furthermore, you can drop your query/suggestion at [email protected] or create your ticket at Webkul UV Desk.

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