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A Step-by-Step Guide to Setting Up Variants in Akeneo

Updated 18 August 2023

In a series of learning Akeneo, in this article, we will tell you about “How to Setting Up Variants in Akeneo” for product export. 

The merchant and customer found it difficult to set up the variants in Akeneo. In this blog, you will find all the steps to set up the variant and products.

Before that, let’s discuss Akeneo and How Webkul will help merchants to set up PIM for their eCommerce stores, ERP systems, Mobile apps, and Print Catalogs.

Akeneo is an open-source Product Information Management tool. With Akeneo, the user can import, enrich, and export products to different channels.

Webkul does provide complete PIM Development and helps you to integrate PIM with your eCommerce shop, ERP, and Mobile App.

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We are working on open-source PIM Systems such as Akeneo and Pimcore. We have created more than 50 Plugins for Akeneo and more than 10 modules for Pimcore.

Now let’s discuss to setup variants in Akeneo.

Create Variant Attribute

In the process of creating a variant product in Akeneo, the user first need to create the variant attribute.

The user can use only these attribute types for variant products.

  • Simple Select
  • Boolean
  • Measurement

Please note that:

  • We can’t use the attribute with the option scopeable or localizable or locale-specific for the variant.
  • We can add a max 5 attributes in the variant axis.

To create a variant attribute, the user can go to Settings – Attributes – Create Attribute.

create attribute in Akeneo

Let’s suppose, we have to create a variant product based on size and color attributes then we need to create two attributes with Simple Select type.

create attribute in akeneo

After clicking on the confirm button, the user can save the attribute on the next page.

save attributes

After saving the attribute, the other option will be enabled. The user can create the option.

create attribute option
simple select attribute option in Akeneo

Similarly, the user can create a new attribute “Size”.


Create Variant Families

After creating the attributes, the user can manage the attribute family for the variants. The user can create a new family or can use the existing family.


Let’s choose the existing family.

Go to Family Settings and click on the Variant option.

Family variant in Akeneo

Once the user will click on the Add Variant button, a new page will open.

create a new family variant

Here the user can add these details to create a family variant.

  • Code: The user can add the code for the unique identification.
  • Label: The user can manage the Label for the product page.
  • Variant Levels: The user can select the variants level 1 or 2. For example, if the user wants to create a variant product based on the size only then they can select Level 1.
  • Variant Axis Level 1 or 2: In this, we can defile the attribute on which the variant product will be based.

I am taking 2 levels for creating the variants.

variant setting

After that, the user can click on the Create button. A new window will be open where the user can manage the attribute for each level.


I am just taking an example. Let’s say we have a product Shirt and we want to manage some images based on the color and some based on the size.

In this case, we can assign image attributes by the drag and drop method in both variant axis.


After that, the user can check the created variant in the grid.

variant in family grid

Create Product Models

After the user will set up the variants, the next step will be creating the product.

products in Akeneo

The user can click on the Create button in the top right corner to create a product.

create product model

For the variant/configurable products, the user can click on the “Product Model“.

The user can add these details to create the products.

  • Code: The product model code.
  • Family: The family on which the product will be based.
  • Variant: The user can select the variant option.
add details of product model

After the user will click on the save button, they will go to the product edit where they can enter all the attributes.

product edit page

The user can click on the Save button to save the product.

Manage Variants and Product Information

Now the user can manage the variant and variant product information. During the creation of the variant, we selected some attributes for only the variant. Now let’s see.

The user can create 1 level of the variant of the products for example color.


Now the user can select the 2nd level of the variant.


After adding the details, the variant will be created.

variant products in Akeneo

Export Variant Products

After creating the variant product, the user can see the product in the product grid.

products model in product grid

Now the user can export the variant products into CSV or XLSX files.



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