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    How to Create Attributes and Attributes Groups in Akeneo ?


    An attribute in Akeneo gathers information about the product. With the using of attributes, you can export the product information from Akeneo to E-commerce, Marketplaces, and Web Print.

    Akeneo Product Information Management System supports the maintenance and correction of the product catalog at a centralized place. PIM provides the solution for centralized, data collection, management, filtration of the product.

    For exporting the product information to channels like E-commerce, mobile, and Web Print, we make the attribute and attribute group in Akeneo.

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    A product attributes is a product characteristic. You can make the complete product information using the attributes and can manage it. Attributes contain the product information what you want to export from Akeneo to different channels.

    There are the different type of attribute are available in Akeneo.

    Depend upon the Akeneo version you can have 15 types of attributes.

    • Date
    • File
    • Identifier
    • Image
    • Metric
    • Multi-select
    • Number
    • Price
    • Reference data multi-select
    • Reference data simple select
    • Simple select
    • Text
    • Text Area
    • Yes/No

    Attributes Group:

    An attribute group is the collection of the attributes to give more visibility to the user at the time of product creation. You can create an attribute group and can manage all the product related details at one place.

    Before creating an attribute in Akeneo you have to create an attribute group.

    Create an Attribute Group

    For creating an attribute group in Akeneo PIM you have to go first Akeneo dashboard. To view your attribute group you have to go Settings – > Attributes groups.

    Here you have to click on the create icon and you will get a new window.

    Here you have to enter two values.

    Properties: In properties, you will get the option to enter the code. You can enter here your attribute group name.

    Label Translation: In this, you will get different locale option by which you can translate your label code.

    Click on the save button and you will get your attribute group ready.

    You have to click on the Attribute group to manage it.

    Here you can add the attribute in the attribute group and can delete the attribute group. After adding the attribute to the attribute group, you can manage it.

    Create an Attribute in Akeneo

    For creating an Attribute in Akeneo it is necessary to have an attribute group. After creating an attribute group you have to go for Settings – > Attributes.

    You have to click on the create attribute icon and a new window will open. You have to select an attribute type among them.

    After clicking on the attribute type you will find attribute detail what you have to fill.

    You can fill further attributes details like size and extension. After it, you have to click on the save button.

    After clicking on the save button you can see your created attribute in the attribute list.

    Here you can search the attributes, filter the attribute on the basis of type and group, and perform the action like edit and delete the attribute.


    If you have any query please create a support ticket at- If you are a retailer, facing issues in handling a large number of products, drop us a line in comments below.

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