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How to Create Attributes and Attributes Groups in Akeneo ?

Updated 16 August 2023

In this article, we will know how to create Akeneo attributes and attribute groups. But first, let us understand what is an attribute.

An attribute is basically a product characteristic. A product is usually created by different details like name, description, size, price, etc.

Akeneo provides creating and enriching product information with attributes efficiently and also can manage the export from Akeneo to E-commerce, Marketplaces, and Web Print.

Akeneo Product Information Management System helps in managing the product catalogue which is centralized in one place. PIM provides the solution for centralized, data collection, management, and product filtration.

Why Businesses use Akeneo PIM


A product attribute defines the product characteristic. Attributes are the features by which a product is created.

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There are different types of attributes available in Akeneo.

attributes in Akeneo

Depending upon the Akeneo version you can have 14 types of attributes.

  • Date
  • File
  • Identifier
  • Image
  • Measurement
  • Multi-select
  • Number
  • Price
  • Reference data multi-select
  • Reference data simple select
  • Simple select
  • Text
  • Text Area
  • Yes/No

Attributes Group

An attribute group is a collection of attributes that defines similar characteristics of products.  The user can create and manage the attribute group in Akeneo.


Before creating an attribute in Akeneo the user have to create an attribute group.

Create an Attribute Group

To create an attribute group in Akeneo PIM first, the user has to go to the Akeneo Dashboard.

To create a new attribute group, the user has to click on Setting >> Attribute Groups. Then click on to Create option on the right side of the dashboard to create a new Attribute Group.


In the next step, the user has to enter two values.

Properties: In properties, the user will get the option to enter the code. The user can enter here your attribute group name.

Label Translation: In this, the user will get a different locale option. It will help in case the user wants to manage the product information in multiple languages.


After that, the user can see all the attribute groups in the Grid.


Now the user has to click on the attribute group which they have created and then click to Add Attribute to assign the attribute in that attribute group.


The user can also delete the attributes from the Group.

Create Attributes in Akeneo

After the user will create the attribute group, the users can create the attributes and assign them to the attribute groups.

To create a new Attribute click on Settings >> Attributes >> Create Attribute.

attributes in akeneo

After clicking on the Create Attribute option, a new page will open and then there will be 14 types of attributes you have to select the attribute type according to the Product feature.

The user can select the attribute type to create a new attribute in Akeneo. The user can add these details to create a new attribute.

create attribute in akeneo

After entering the label and code of the attribute, the users can click on the save. They can add further details to save the attribute.

Attribute Group: To create attributes in Akeneo, the user needs to create the attribute group first.

Unique value: With this, the user can add a unique value for the attribute.

Value per Channel: The user can enable this option if they want to add a different value per channel.

Value per Locale: The users can enable this option if they want to have a different value per locale.

options in attribute

The user can also add further details of an attribute.

Attribute Guidelines: The user can add guidelines about attributes. The guideline will be information on the attribute.

Usable in Grid: If the user wants to filter the products in the product grid or use them in a column.

Locale Specific: The user can enable this attribute in specific locales.

Max Characters: The user can define the max characters of the field.

Validation Rule: With this, the user can define the validation of the input type such as Email, Regular Expression, or URL.

attribute guidelines in akeneo

After clicking on the save button, the user can see created attributes in the attribute grid.

attributes in the grid

The user can search the attributes, filter the attribute on the basis of type and group, and perform the action like edit and delete the attribute.


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