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    Website Product SortBy & ShopBy


    Any online website could contain thousand of products and this could result in bad customer experience as he might not able to find desired product in pile of products. So to make this experience better, module is developed. Website Product Sorting and Shopping Plug-in provides a new dynamic re-sizeable interface. It provides the Shop By interface for visiting/filtering the product by Brand and Category as well as it provides the Product Refine Interface for filtering the product by certain dynamic criteria. On the Product Page it also provides the Brand and category Image and Promo message Description.
    Note: This Module is dependent upon Website Product Brands


      • Product SortBy & ShopBy provides new user interface for website.
      • Provides the filter shop by product, category and brand interface.
      • Supports product sorting by its Attributes.
      • Product SortBy & ShopBy helps to display brand image and description on using Shop By Brand.
      • Can display category image and description on using Shop By Category.
      • It helps to create custom sorting attributes.
      • Product SortBy & ShopBy is compatible with all version of Odoo.

    Full Admin Control

      • Admin can create multiple combination of sorting criteria.
      • Product SortBy & ShopBy helps to enable/disable specific sorting criteria.
      • Helps to enable/disable shop by and short by UI.
      • The brand and category description can be enabled/disabled .
      • Also, Brand and Category Search Menu can be enabled/disabled .


    First of all, install the Website Product SortBy & ShopBy module.

    How it works in the  Back-end

    Under, sales menu> visit website sorting attributes and click on create to form new attribute. 

    Now, fill the attribute name field, select desired model, define field name and define order format. To make any attribute active enable or disable the Active field. Then the attribute formed can be set as default attribute by enabling or disabling the field. Once, all fields are defined click on save button.
    Now, create a particular category group to assign the set of attributes so formed.

    Finally, done with attributes and group assigning Listed view of all the attributes formed can be checked with all defined properties. 

    HOW IT WORKS in the Front-end

    Once done with back-end settings, now check how it work in front-end. On website view customer will find refine by and shop by options to filter or arrange the product.

    When products are refine by High Price, products will be arranged in order from high to low price.

    When products are refine by Low Price, products will be arranged in order from low to high price.

    Products are refine by Fresh arrivals, product with recently updated come first following others.

    When products are refine by Relevance, all products will be arranged.

    Products can also be Shop by Brands, all products will be arranged by there corresponding assigned brands.

    Now, select the particular brand then all the products related to that brand will be displayed.

    Moreover, Products can be shop by category where all products will be arranged according to group assigned.

    This shows how you can arrange your product page and found desired product easily without checking each and every product on the site. Hence, a useful module to make UI better.


    For any kind of technical assistance, just raise a ticket at and for any doubt contact us at

    Current Product Version - 1.0

    Supported Framework Version - v8,v9.V10

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