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    Joomla Free Helpdesk Ticket System

    UVdesk – Joomla Free Helpdesk Ticket System:

    UVdesk Joomla Free Helpdesk Ticket System integrates UVdesk with Joomla store. Using this add-on admin can manage all the tickets from Joomla store backend. Customers can also respond to tickets from Joomla store’s front-end.

    The updates/replies on the tickets will be instantly updated on both the platforms i.e. if admin responds to a ticket using Joomla Store then the reply made will also be updated on the UVdesk. All the changes are made in real-time on both the platforms.

    This add-on provides a platform where site owner(Admin) can be easily connected with their customers in order to provide them with support (after-sale and presale). All the communication via UVdesk is recorded so admin can check the history of any ticket at any point of time.

    As a result, It can be used as a virtual support where a single person (site admin) can easily manage the entire customer support.

    Features of Joomla Customer Support Extension-

    • Extension integrates UVdesk, Ticket Support System with Joomla.
    • Register user can create tickets.
    • Ticket reply to the customer can be sent either from Joomla back-end or UVdesk Dashboard.
    • The filter option can be used to search any specific ticket using various properties.
    • A detailed information about the ticket is displayed using different labels and statuses.
    • In fact, customers can filter tickets based on various properties.
    • Admin can filter ticket based on customer.

    Flow of Installation and Configuration of Joomla Helpdesk


    Browse UVdesk – Joomla Free Helpdesk Ticket System zip file then upload and install.


    Click on “Component setting”


    1 – Login to UVdesk if you’re already registered otherwise do Sign Up 

    2 – Steps to get the Access Token – Click Here 

    3 – What is the Sub Domain Name?

    Subdomain name of your helpdesk is the name which appears in your helpdesk URL for example if your helpdesk URL is – here subdomain is name which you need to put in Sub Domain section.

    UVdesk configuration- Enter the “Access Token” & the “Domain”



    Now click on ” Components” and then hover on “Joomla Helpdesk Ticket System”


    “Joomla Helpdesk Ticket System” here you can see major 3 sub-menu “Dashboard”, “Viewtickets” and “Customers”


    Here you need to create “menu items” under a particular menu for Front-end view.


    Here you can see all the “menu items” are listed, Similarly, you need to create other menu items as shown.



    This is the front-end view where customers( may registered with your Jommla site or may not be) can create ticket(s) for presales or support.


    That’s all for the UVdesk – Joomla Free Helpdesk Ticket System still, have any issue feel free to add a ticket and let us know your views to make the Component better

    Current Product Version - 1.0

    Supported Framework Version - Joomla 3.x

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