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    Top 5 Features For Restaurant POS

    Introduction To Restaurant POS

    When we talk about a Restaurant POS then it is a massive structure with multiple components to manage. Wherein the restaurant owner needs to manage every sector for a successful business.

    However, going in further depth on the topic of Restaurant POS, we need to first look upon the POS.

    What is POS?

    POS(Point Of Sale) is an area in a physical store where the sales of any physical store end up. It a section that is most vital for any store owner as it directly deals with the customer.

    This image is a sample image from the OpenCart Point Of Sale System (POS).

    The system in this section must be an efficient one to attract as many customers as possible. Henceforth the POS system involves multiple sections like-

    All the above-mentioned management sections thus comprise of a POS system that can help in physical store management much easier.

    Restaurant POS

    The Restaurant as discussed above requires varieties of management. A manual system can be a big challenge for the management of the POS. It can increase chaos in the store and depreciate sales.

    Let’s see the points that will allow the management of the Restuarant is a much easier way.

    Inventory and Order Management

    Stock management for the restaurant industry is one of the most critical parts. Especially, when one needs to stand out in this competitive environment.

    Inventory in a restaurant system involves multiple components right from a kitchen material to a table for dining. The management of these components could be made possible via an effective POS system.

    This image is a sample image from the OpenCart Point Of Sale System (POS).

    The POS must even give support to Order management. Wherein the orders coming from different sources.

    This image is a sample image from the OpenCart Point Of Sale System (POS).

    The major mode of order placement involves in Online Category the customer can place an order via Marketplace like Deliveroo, Zomato; Direct site of the restaurant; and applications.

    However, for the offline order, the restaurant major mode could be the on-call orders. Apart from this, the restaurant will also receive orders on the customer’s visit.

    A POS system will be a systemized structure that will have-

    • The details of the current stock of products that is present in the restaurant.
    • The record of the product is damaged and cannot be utilized.
    • Quick update to the suppliers about the low stock.
    This image is a sample image from the OpenCart Point Of Sale System (POS).
    • Restriction of purchase of the product that is in stock but is reserved.
    • Integration with various marketplaces, websites and other places where the stock is listed.

    Kitchen Management

    The POS must be efficient enough to work in integration with the software that reaches the kitchen. Thus, as soon as the order is placed in POS it must log the same to the system working in the kitchen.

    This image is a sample image from the OpenCart Point Of Sale System (POS).

    This will make the process faster and provides and ease of management. Thus, the kitchen inventory can also be managed in the POS to keep the record of the raw material present.

    The POS system can take in Order Notes as customer mentions. These will be specifications that the kitchen needs to follow.

    These notes add great value to the restaurant industry due to the variable requirements of the customers.

    Table Management and Reservations

    For any restaurant table seating, management is essential for maintaining the functioning of the front house operations.

    So, the POS must contain the data about the status of available tables, different types of tables, the slot time of the book table.

    The POS System connected must be of such to gather the booking of the table from Offline and Online mode. However, avoiding any inventory mismatch due to different sources.

    Channel Manager

    In the case where the data fetch is from different channels, a manager plays a vital role. It integrates the data from various sources. This keeps the data syncronize and allows the POS system centralization.

    It avoids any sort of data discrepancies from any channel. Thus, pushing the changes of any data in real-time.

    Webkul provides a solution for such management via its Quickbook Connector based on a different platform.

    Hence, this plugin will allow the integration of data from all sources into the POS for the sales agent to manage to efficiently.


    The integration of restaurant POS can make the system much more efficient. The POS additionally can have an accounting system that will record the transaction completely.

    It takes into account all the credit and debit. This will range from the credit profit caused by the restaurant sales and the debits of purchases of raw material, payment to sales agents and many more.

    The connection of the POS system is could even be made with the ERP system. This is in turn to keep details of the sales agent working on POS.

    The POS system is having the basic details of the sales agent. However, a complete ERP system will have detail information about the sales agent to manage the physical store.

    The Delivery Boy integration in POS will cause order management in a faster way. This part is important for online or on-call orders. Where the delivery needs to be made to the customer doorstep.

    Now, know more about- How to Start a Restaurant Delivery Mobile App?

    PWA And Restaurant POS

    The conversion of Point of Sale(POS) to a Progressive web app will make it much smarter. Thus, allowing more efficiency in-store management.

    With the Headless PWA, the restaurant owner can manage the long queues at the POS. Now the people be able to pay for the order by sitting on the allocated table.

    Thus, allow removal of any sort of hassle in the restaurant. It increases the restaurant management much easier.

    That’s all for Top 5 Features For Restaurant POS any query or doubt, please add a ticket at HelpDesk System.

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