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Shopware Marketplace Mass Product Upload

Updated 6 October 2023


Shopware 6 Marketplace Mass Upload Product: This module allows the admin and seller to upload products in bulk. With this marketplace add-on module, the seller can upload bulk products using CSV/XLS and XML files. The admin can also upload the bulk products into the seller’s store. Shopware 6 Marketplace Bulk Upload is useful for the seller who is having a large number of the products.

Basic Requirements –

  • This module is an addon of the Shopware Multi-Seller Marketplace. To use this module you must install Shopware Multi-Seller Marketplace for Shopware 6. For more details refer to this guide.

Feature List

  • Upload CSV, XML, and XLS files with property options and images.
  • The Admin/Seller can Upload images in Bulk using the Zip file types.
  • The Admin can Upload products for the sellers.
  • The Admin can select seller whose products are to be uploaded.
  • Add any number of products and upload them using CSV, XML, and XLS files.
  • Add a product in category or subcategory using get Id.
  • Dataflow profile for mapping the product attributes correctly.
  • Option to download the sample file and images.


Please find here the installation process with terminal:

1) Extract the zip file of the Shopware Bulk Upload Product plugin.

2) Upload the folder WebkulBulkUploadProduct to custom/plugins directory of your Shopware 6.

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3) Now open the Shopware 6 application in the Terminal.

4) Run the following commands in the Terminal

./bin/console plugin:refresh (Insert and list the plugins)
./bin/console plugin:install --activate WebkulBulkUploadProduct(Installing and activating the plugin)
./bin/console c:c (Clearing the cache)

5) Now refresh the administration.

Please find here the manual installation process:

1) Extract the zip file of the plugin.

2) Goto your Shopware 6 installation backend panel and navigate to Extensions -> My Extensions -> Apps after that you can find all the installed plugins in it.


For installing the plugin, the user can click on the Upload Extension button. The user can upload the plugin zip(WebkulBulkUploadProduct) here.

3) After uploading the plugin zip, the user can see the plugin in the list.


4) Now the user can click on the install icon to install the Shopware Marketplace Mass product Upload plugin.

5) After the installation of the plugin, the user can click on the toggle button to activate the plugin.


6) Here, the user can see all the installed plugins in the Shopware. The user can click on the “…” icon for the configuration option of the plugin.


After clicking on the Config icon, the user can see these options:

Sale Channel – In this admin needs to select the channel.

Media URL Validation – The admin can enable this option for media upload.


Video Tutorials

How Admin can Manage Mass Upload

How Seller can Manage Mass Upload

Shopaware Marketplace Mass Product Upload  –  Upload File(Admin’s End)

After the successful installation of the Shopware Marketplace Mass Product Upload, the admin can configure the module.

For that, they need to navigate through Settings ->Extensions.


The admin can upload the seller products data from a file in XMLXLS, and CSV format from the admin backend. For that, you have to click on the Marketplace Bulk Upload Profile.

Here the admin can set the profiles for which the data needs to be mapped. To do so, the admin needs to click on the Add New button.


Here the admin will able to do –

Profile Name – Here the admin can enter the Profile name.

Default Attribute – Select the default Shopware attribute from the dropdown which is added in the Shopware database.

Custom Attribute – Write the attribute name which has been defined in the files.

Once done with mapping, will click on the Save button to save the configuration.


Data Mapping will help the database to get mapped between the file that is to be uploaded and the database of Shopware.

In addition, the admin can also edit/delete existing mapping by clicking on the “…” button as shown in the image below:


Marketplace Bulk Upload

Under the Bulk Product Upload tab, the admin will get the following options:

General: Here under the general tab, the admin will be able to do –

  • Select Sales Channel: From here the admin can select the sales channel from the drop down.
  • Select Sellers: Admin can set Seller whose products are to be uploaded.
  • Import CSV, XLS and XML File: Click the Choose File button to upload the XML/XLS/CSV file (in zip format only).
  • Select Mapping: Admin can select attribute mapping which should map with the uploaded product.

Upload Image: The admin can upload the images in the Image section of the Mass Upload.

  • Upload the file in the zip format by clicking on the choose file.
  • Click on the Save button to add the image.

Get Id: The admin can get the Id for various fields to be uploaded in the file such as Tax, Manufacturer, Category, and Property Id required to upload product.

The admin can select the field from the drop-down and get the respective Id. The admin will enter these ids into the file. These ids will use to upload the product with the right attributes.


Shopaware Marketplace Mass Product Upload – Seller End

The sellers will be able to mass upload the products using three types of file types – CSVXLS, and XML. To do so, the seller will click on the Bulk Upload Product Tab from their panel.

Before start uploading the file, the seller needs to download the demo/sample file. To do so the seller needs to click on the demo file link. Once click on that link, a zip file will be downloaded. The zip contains CSV/Xls and XML sample files and sample images of the product.


In the sample file, the seller will enter all the details regarding the products and save it. A sample file contains product description, stock, name, price, tax, manufacturer, category, cover, media, meta description, meta keyword, meta title, and property group option.

Once the seller will click on the Bulk Upload Product tab, a bulk upload product page will display. Here the seller will get the following options:

  • Upload File: Here the seller can upload the updated file in any format either CSV, XML or XLS. Keep a note that before uploading a file you must upload image zip. 
  • Upload Image: From here the admin can upload the product images to be uploaded on the marketplace.
  • Mapping Data Flow: If file header columns are changed in uploading file then the seller has to first map custom field to default field from mapping data flow tab.
  • Get Id

Under Get Id tab, the seller can take the Id of attribute from respective field such as Tax, Manufacturer, Category and Property and paste it into file.


Front End

After importing the bulk product successfully, the customer can see all imported seller products into the seller’s store.



That’s all for the Shopware 6 Marketplace Mass Upload Product extension. Still, have issues or want to give your suggestions to make this module better just raise a ticket at

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Current Product Version - 1.0.5

Supported Framework Version - Shopware

Blog Version - Shopware
  • Version Shopware
  • Version Shopware
  • Version Shopware 6.2.3
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