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    Steps to Get PayPal Payout Credentials

    You can use PayPal Payouts to send money to multiple recipients at a time and the fund will be received in the recipient’s business PayPal account.

    Let’s see how to get PayPal Payout Credentials to configure PayPal in the app for Shopify.

    Follow the steps to get the PayPal Payout Credentials:


    To Use the PayPal Payouts App, both Merchant & Sellers must have:

    A PayPal Business account. Account should be linked with a confirmed email and bank account.
    Click here to sign up if you don’t have a PayPal Business account.

    To enable Payouts, You need to follow below-given Steps:

    1. Log in to the Developer Dashboard and visit My Account.
    2. From the list of Permissions name, find Payouts and Enable the link.
    3. Once Enabled, complete the form and Submit it.

    When the merchant request gets approved, he/she will receive an email from PayPal.

    OR Contact your Account Manager or PayPal customer support to enable Payouts.

    1.  Once your account is enabled & gets approved, You can use the Payouts API. For this first, create a PayPal REST app.

    When the app is created, PayPal generates a set of OAuth credentials like Client ID and Secret Key.

    Enter the Client ID and Secret Key in Multivendor App Paypal Payout Configuration to make Payouts work for the merchant & sellers.

    Below is the simple steps to get the Client ID and Secret Key:

    Step 1: Login to PayPal Developer Account.

    2nd Step: Go to My Apps & Credentials.

    Step 3: Scroll down and Click on Create App.

    Enter your details & create a new app.

    Once the app gets created. You can get the PayPal Client ID & PayPal Secret key.

    This way, You can get the PayPal Client ID & Secret key to configure the PayPal Payouts Payment in the App.

    In the Multi-vendor Marketplace App for Shopify

    In case you are using the Multi-vendor app, Just go to the Payment Configuration menu and enter the credentials in the PayPal Payout Configuration.

    Thus, You can have an automatic payment processing in the app with PayPal.

    App Demo

    Furthermore, if you have any questions/issue then please raise a ticket at or drop a mail at

    . . .


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