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    Multivendor Marketplace app for Shopify- Advance Seller Policy-New Theme

    Multivendor Marketplace app for Shopify -Advance Seller Policy Feature: With the help of this feature admin can set up the policy for the seller in an advanced version like Delivery days, Delivery Time, Delivery method name and much more.

    The seller can too set up the policy from the “My account” option in Profile section from their account in multivendor marketplace app.

    So let’s understand its workflow:-


    Firstly Select the “advanced seller policy” option from ” seller configuration” section of configuration in your multivendor marketplace app.

    Configuration>> Seller Configuration>> Choose “advance seller policy” from drop down menu of “seller policy” section>> Save Changes

    Now visit the ” Seller policy” option in the “Sellers” section of your multivendor marketplace app.

    Here admin can view as well as change the content and format of seller policy. The text used inside the brackets ‘{}’ with “$” symbol is a variable. Do not remove these variables as they are representing their corresponding values.

    Sellers>>Seller Policy >>Here you can view and change the format of seller policy>>Save changes.

    Hence Admin can set up the seller policy by simply clicking on to the “Edit Button” in “Action” section in front to seller ID from “seller listing” section.

    Furthermore, Seller can also set up his policy by simply visiting the “My account” option in “profile Section” of his account on multivendor marketplace app.

    Seller Panel>> Profile>> My account >> fill up the details like delivery time, delivery days and much more >> Save Changes.

    Customers can see the seller policy by visiting the seller profile at “product description page”.


    If you need any support/consultancy then please raise a ticket at or send us an email at

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