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    Crowdfunding X Multi-Vendor Marketplace for Shopify

    The Multivendor Marketplace App is now integrated with the Crowd Funding App for Shopify. Allow sellers to add crowdfunding projects/campaigns and raise funds for the cause.

    To use this feature, you need to install the Crowdfunding App on your Shopify store from the official Shopify app store. The app will cost you $15/month. Further, you can enable this add-on on the marketplace by visiting the Feature App section:


    Configure Frontend: You need to follow the instructions given in the Configure Frontend section of the Crowdfunding app:


    [In case you need our help with the addition of codes, kindly drop an email at [email protected]]

    How to add Crowdfunding Product?

    The admin as well as sellers can add the crowdfunding products from their respective panels.

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    Visit Multivendor Admin/Seller Panel > Products > Product Listing > Add Product > Choose product as Crowdfunding Product:


    Next, add the following details:


    • Seller Email: Enter the seller’s email ID on behalf of whom you are creating the project. Note: This field will not be present at the seller’s end.
    • Project Title: Enter the title of your crowdfunding project.
    • Image: Upload image for your project.
    • Project Goal Amount: The aiming amount for the particular crowdfunding project.
    • Duration: Either enter the number of days or the end date of your project. (Please enter the end date according to UTC timezone.)
    • Description: Enter the project description and click on save & proceed.


    Fill in all the donations and rewards details that you want to create for your customers for funding the project.

    • Add donation amount
    • Add image for donation & rewards
    • Enter a title
    • Fill up the description
    • To add or update a donation amount detail, please click on the “ADD AMOUNT” button before clicking on the “SAVE” or “SAVE & PROCEED” button.

    Once you add the amount, you can later delete/edit it:



    Upload any related additional detail of the project here in this section for customer to know more about the project.

    • Add a project video: Size should be less than 20 MB and extension should be .mp4 or .m4v.
    • Project short description.
    • Risk & challenges that you might have faced or will face.

    Once the project is added, this is how it will look on the backend:


    The admin or the seller can add an amount to boost the campaign as shown in the above image. This amount will be added to the donated amount on the frontend, it will affect your targeted amount.

    Crowdfunding Story Update

    In case the admin or seller wants to add updates about the campaign, they can upload stories to the project. Visit Multivendor Admin/Seller Panel > Products > Product Listing > View the Product:


    Click on project updates and add the details:




    Drop your query/suggestion at [email protected] or create your ticket at Webkul UV Desk.

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