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Shift Towards Cashless Payments in Odoo

Updated 13 February 2020

cashless payment in Odoo

Nowadays, people don’t need to keep their pockets stuffed with cash each time they wish to shop. Most of the population find it convenient to pay online for their orders.

With the growing awareness; both the customers as well as vendors believe in cashless payments. 

Cashless payments are not only hassle-free but also helps you to keep track of your day to day transactions. Online Payments have boosted up the speed of payment flows worldwide. Hence, it is right to say that the world is following “Go Cashless” Trend!

If we talk about managing heavy transactions with cash then it is not wrong to say that it is next to impossible. In such cases, people have to rush to banks. 

What a hectic task!

No need to worry about the changes; even if you want to transact with little amount.

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Pay or receive the large amount online; so, no worries about the burden of the cash.

5 Stats Proving that the World is Opting Online Payments

1) According to Capgemini, Sweden is predicted to become the world’s first fully cashless society by 2023.

2) Fintech predicted; Australia is to be a cashless society by 2022.

3) As stated by Google and the Boston Consulting Group, the digital payments industry in India is estimated to reach the US $500 billion by 2020, contributing 15% to India’s GDP.

4) As per a report by Square up, Canadians believe in “card first” when it comes to making payments.

5) According to Xpress Money, UAE is likely to see increased cashless transactions by 2020.

What are Online Payment Methods?

To put it in simple words, Online Payment Method is a web-based method used for economic transactions. It allows you to make payments or accept payments with the help of online means.

It becomes really difficult to manage transactions via cash for the businesses. Especially, when talking about large businesses then it is practically impossible.

Your business has other important things to manage; hence, it is better to choose a hassle-free way for economic transactions.

Online Payment Methods are not just for online stores; but, these methods are spreading rapidly to offline shops and restaurants too. Even, the online payment methods allow customers to scan, tap and pay. 

Such an easy way to pay!

Benefits of Online Payment Methods

  • Non-repudiation
  • Reduced risk of money theft and loss
  • Increases the Credibility of Sellers
  • Do not require manual efforts to count money

Security requirements for Online Payment Methods

  • Confidentiality
  • Integrity
  • Authentication
  • Availability
  • Authorization

Are you using Odoo to sell your products or services?

Odoo started from ERP and now it has also become an emerging platform for E-commerce.

It is not wrong to call Odoo a complete suite of open source business apps.

One cannot deny the significance of the features of Odoo as they are helping businesses to grow.

You can also accept payments online as Webkul has integrated several payment acquirers with Odoo. 

Some of the top Odoo Online Payment acquirers are:

Stripe Payment Acquirer in Odoo

Stripe Payment Acquirer in Odoo

Transparency of Payments and stability makes Stripe Payment Acquirer one of the top choices of people to pay with.

Stripe accepts international payments and handles the transactions. It offers issue handling related to credit card payments, which includes data storage security, regular payments, and withdrawals. 

If you are using Odoo website then you can integrate Odoo with Stripe Payment acquirer with the help of the module Odoo Website Stripe Payment Acquirer.

Read the user guide of Odoo Website Stripe Payment Acquirer to know it’s workflow and configuration.

There’s also something for those who are running offline stores in Odoo. Webkul has integrated Stripe Payment Acquirer with Odoo POS. 

Odoo POS Stripe Payment Acquirer securely integrates the payment method to your Odoo Point Of Sale. 

The user guide of the module Odoo POS Stripe Payment Acquirer will help you to know the workflow.

Payfort Payment Acquirer in Odoo

Payfort Payment Acquirer in Odoo

Now, accept payments via one of the leading online payment acquirers; that is none other than Payfort Payment Acquirer

Payfort is a trusted online payment gateway that enables businesses to trade with both banked and non-banked online shoppers, through inventive payment solutions. 

Webkul has successfully integrated Payfort Payment Acquirer with Odoo. The module allows secure Online Payments in Odoo.

Read the user guide of Odoo Website Payfort Payment Acquirer to know it’s workflow and configuration.

Braintree Payment Acquirer in Odoo

Braintree Payment Acquirer in Odoo

Braintree Payment Acquirer is an emerging way to accept payments for merchants in 45+ regions.

Merchants can use Braintree to accept PayPal, Apple Pay, Google Pay, Venmo, and most credit and debit cards. Braintree offers secure and fast payment options.

It’s time to integrate your Odoo with Braintree Payment Acquirer with the help of our module Odoo Braintree Payment Acquirer.

Read the user guide of Odoo Braintree Payment Acquirer to know how the module works.

Hyperpay Payment Acquirer in Odoo

Hyperpay Payment Acquirer in Odoo

All-In-One Payment Platform, Hyperpay has become one of the leading Payment Platform.

It offers High-Level Security and Responsive Platform. It is popular in the MENA region.

Do you want to accept online payments in Odoo via Hyperpay? Odoo HyperPay Payment Acquirer is a perfect solution for you to do so.

You can also refer the user guide of the module Odoo Hyperpay Payment Acquirer to know how the module works.

PayTabs Payment Acquirer in Odoo

PayTabs Payment Acquirer in Odoo

PayTabs Payment Gateway accepts 160+ currencies.

It is one of the most popular payment gateways.

The payment gateway is quick as well as secure to pay with.

Odoo Website PayTabs Payment Acquirer successfully integrates PayTabs Payment Acquirer with your Odoo Website.

Refer the user guide to know the detailed workflow of the module.

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