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    Product Auction Autopay:

    Updated 5 July 2023

    NOTE: This feature has been depreciated as per Shopify’s guidelines.

    We have integrated the payment gateway along with Product Auction Autopay functionality for your bid winner. As a result Bid winner amount will be auto debit from his added card using payment gateway.

    Enable this feature by clicking on Auction Configuration and enabling the Autopay option. Once you will enable Autopay and click on save then you will view the option to edit the configuration.

    Navigate to Configuration > Auction Confiq > Enable Auto Pay > Edit Payment Configuration


    As soon as you click on Edit Payment Configuration it will redirect it to configuration page where you need to fill the Merchant Login Id* and Merchant Transaction Id*. We have given option for both Sandbox and Production environment.

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    To obtain the Merchant Login ID and Transaction Key:

    • Log into the Merchant Interface.
    • Click Account from the main toolbar.
    • Check Settings in the main left-side menu.
    • Click API Credentials & Keys.
    • Select New Transaction Key.

    Note: When obtaining a new Transaction Key, you may choose to disable the old Transaction Key by clicking the box titled, Disable Old Transaction Key Immediately. Use this in case of fraudulent.

    • Click Submit to continue.
    • Request and enter PIN for verification.
    • New Transaction Key is displayed.

    Refer this guide as well : How do I obtain my API Login ID and Transaction Key?

    Once enabled, Admin will have to enable the Autopay button while creating the auction as well. If it is enabled then on the front-end the bidder (logged in) will view the pop up after making the first bid to enter the payment detail. So that once this bidder will be the winner then the amount for that price will get automatically debited from the card details entered by the bidder.


    Note: While adding card $0.01 transaction is done from customer to store owner so that can validate the card. The payment of $0.01 is cancelled simultaneously.

    There is no need to add card for future Auction once card is authorised correctly.

    Update and Remove Card Details

    Customer can see the card details under account page once card is add. Also he can update the card detail or remove card from accounts page only.



    In the case of auto pay, admin can set the limit to auto approve the transactions of winners payment for the product.
    For example, If the admin the sets the limit to 20 transactions per hour, so in this case 20 winners payment will be done automatically without any restriction.

    but after the 20th transaction if the 21th trnasaction proceed then the transaction request will be transfered to FDS ( Fraud Detection System ) and admin need to approve those request manually

    By default it’s set 10/hr and the admin can customize the limit upto 100/hr.

    Refer to this link to know how to edit the transaction limit.

    SHIPPING METHOD for auto-pay:

    Enable this setting if you want to apply shipping rates in auto-payments and allow customers to select the shipping method set up on your Shopify store before bidding.


    Front-end view:

    The bidders will be asked to select shipping method after saving the card details:


    NOTE: In case the winner card is declined or the payment failed, the winner will receive an email with the “pay now” link through which the winner can checkout the product from your Shopify store.


    Enable this setting if you want to apply taxes that are set up on your Shopify store in auto-payment of winning auctions.


    Custom Taxes:

    There are countries where you cannot setup custom taxes on Shopify as the taxes are calculated automatically via your VAT number or Sales tax Number. These taxes cannot be retrieved via API so you can setup custom taxes for those countries from here.


    Please note:
    1. You can setup custom taxes for only those countries which are added in the shipping zones of your shopify settings.
    2. If you have set custom taxes for a country from shopify and you set custom taxes for that country from auction app as well. The priority will be given to shopify setup taxes.


    In case you want to charge your winners in bulk at a particular time of the day, you can enable the “bulk autopay orders” feature. For example: Charging all the winners declared in the last 24 hours at 2:00 PM every day.

    Please note: In case of bulk autopay, there will be a single order if a winner has won multiple auctions.

    Enable the “bulk autopay order” setting from here (refer to the screenshot)



    Furthermore for any kind of technical assistance, just raise a ticket at for any doubt contact us at [email protected]

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