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Prestashop Marketplace Mobile App

Updated 25 October 2023

Prestashop marketplace mobile app allows the admin can easily launch its running marketplace website as a mobile app for Android/IOS users. So, the sellers can easily go through their dashboard, order history, and can manage their products and orders.

Furthermore, the buyer can also purchase seller products using default functionalities of Prestashop and can even contact sellers easily.


  • This module is an add-on for Marketplace Module. To use this module, you first have to install Prestashop Advanced Marketplace
  • PrestaShop Marketplace Mobile App module is compatible with PrestaShop version 8.x.x.

Check the overview of the marketplace mobile app –


Check the backend configuration of the app –

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  • Prestashop Marketplace App can be created easily.
  • Admin can increase their sale.
  • The customers can request to become a seller on the marketplace on App.
  • Sellers can log-in to their accounts.
  • The Sellers can view their dashboard.
  • Sellers can view their products list.
  • Sellers can visit their own profile page and collection page.
  • The seller can view the reviews provided to them.
  • The seller can view their orders.
  • Customers can contact the seller by using the “contact seller” button.
  • Customers can log in to the app via social networks. Paid feature
  • The customer can view the seller details on the product page.
  • Customers can visit the seller profile page as well as the collection page.
  • The customer can explore the site smoothly on their Android phones.
  • Customers can view the list of all the products of the seller at one page.
  • The customer can visit any of the listed product pages directly from the seller’s collection page.
  • Provide layered navigation to filter the search.
  • This module supports offline mode functionality to allow the user to work, also when a data connection is low.
  • One can upload the image from a smartphone device and search for similar products available in the store.
  • Support functionality of GDPR compliances to protect and control data of the app user.
  • The fully native app built on Java and Swift.
  • Sorting of products on the basis of various parameters on the collection page is easy.
  • Products on the collection page can be displayed in the grid or list form accordingly.
  • The customer can add the seller’s products to their wishlist.
  • Customers can place the order for the seller’s products easily.
  • All the payment methods available on the site will be displayed to the buyers.
  • Buyers can use the app anywhere and at any time.
  • Provide flexibility and ease of connectivity, in learning about customers.
  • The admin can add products from the app by navigating to the dashboard.

Note: You can also view the PrestaShop Marketplace Mobile App Web Backoffice Admin Demo that is linked with the demo mobile app.

Front View Prestashop Marketplace Mobile App

Under the front view, the customers can see the sliders of the app and the carousels. The admin can add the carousel from their panel.





Search- Prestashop Marketplace Mobile App

Search option helps buyers to find out what the user wants from your store, In Prestashop Marketplace Mobikul app this works in three formats:

  • Product Search by Text: Through this option, the app user just needs to type a keyword. A relevant set of results would be fetched and displayed.
  • Product Search by Image: Users scan an image by their smartphone Android & IOS of the stuff they are looking for and find visually similar products on the online store.



Categories and Products

It displays all the products of the store, with their assigned and associated Sub-categories and Parent category in the mobile application too.

That means, all the categories (Root category with their Sub- Categories) and all the products of the store owner which are displayed on the store, will also be shown in the Prestashop Mobikul.



The category page will display the products name, price, screen layouts, sorting, and filters to search according to the requirement. Users can change the view of the listing of products according to their android phones.

Furthermore, the product page will display the Product Name, Price, Add To Bag Button, Buy Now Button, Product Share Button, Description, Specification and reviews of the product.



Add Product

The seller can add the product from the application for that they needs to navigate to the account section and select the option of “add product”.



Furthermore, a seller needs to add the details of the product and save the product.



Afterwards, In the second step seller needs to add the images of the product So, they can choose it from the gallery or click instantly.



Moreover, the seller can also add the combination (attributes) and features of the product.



Thereafter, seller can enter the shipping details like width, height, weight, depth, etc. Afterwords, need to fill the SEO details for the product.



Thereafter, in the end seller can fill the product’s option and save the deatils. So, the product will added in the product list.

Left Navigation Drawer

In the left navigation drawer, the customer can see the categories, marketplace and cms pages of the store. The customer can also change the language and currency of the store.




Layered navigation

To make the navigation more flexible and user-friendly, layered navigation simplifies the product search, filtering items based on their attributes. So, the admin can control the filters from the back end and users can filter the products based on various attributes, features, categories, etc.

Users can also sort the products according to the following attributes-

  • Price
  • Product name
  • Reference
  • Available items on store


My Account Dashboard

Under “My Account” users can manage their personal information, address details, orders, credit slips, merchandise returns and vouchers.

Sign In and Register

Customers can log in and register to the account by filling the required fields.





Note – Social login is a paid feature. To know more click here.

Address Details

In the address book, the user can edit, delete or can add a new address. On updating the address user will get a similar address form as in the Prestashop site.



Order History and Details

In order history and details, users can view the list of orders they have made. Users can view the order details such as order reference number, date, status, payment method and total price.

Furthermore, if the order is shipped or payment is accepted, then the user can download the invoice in PDF format and users can click on “details” to view the detail of the order or can reorder the products.

Afterwords, once click on “details” the user can view the complete details of the order such as delivery/invoice address, product details, and total price.



Credit Slips

The user can view the list of their credit slips if received after the cancellation of any order.


My Vouchers

To promote the products on the site you can create vouchers for the particular customer or global vouchers. These vouchers will be displayed to the users here and they can easily use those vouchers from here.


Push Notifications

Admin can send push notifications to all its users from the back end.


Product Sharing

This app lets the customer share the product with anyone via email, social media channels and bluetooth, etc.


Shopping Cart

The cart tab will display the products added to your cart with proceeding to checkout and continue shopping button.
Moreover, on the cart page, the user can view the product name, the quantity of the product, price, and shipping cost applicable to the cart and the user can change the quantity of the product from here.

Also, he user can also apply voucher from here if any.



Checkout process- Prestashop Marketplace Mobile App

The checkout process can be one page or five-step check out process, depending on the settings from the backend.

  • Showing Billing and Shipping Address with options to change it.
  • Selection of Delivery Method.
  • Review your order.
  • Payment options to complete the purchase.
  • Complete order summary which will display the total amount and place the order.





The customer can view all the shops under the “Marketplace” tab. By clicking on the ‘VIEW ALL’ button, a customer gets redirected to the seller’s shop page and can view all seller’s products.




The customer can view seller details like shop description, recent products, seller reviews etc by clicking on “SELLER PROFILE” button and by clicking on “CONTACT SELLER” button they can contact the seller.

Afterwords, the customer can also review the seller by clicking on “WRITE A REVIEW” button.



Seller End View

 The customers can request to become a seller on the marketplace on App.





Seller Dashboard

This will list five recent orders along with the Order graph. The Seller can easily adjust the dates and can view the graph accordingly.


Seller Profile

Under the Seller profile page, the seller can view their details, their products and as well as reviews given to them by customers.



Seller Shop Page

The shop page will display all the products added by the seller. The products can be sorted on the basis of various parameters. Sellers can also change the view of the display of products on the page.



Seller Orders

In the seller order tab, sellers can view the list of orders placed for their products. Once clicked on any order, sellers can view the detail of that order and can change the status of the order.




Chat With Admin

To Chat with the admin the seller will go to Profile->My Account-> Chat With Admin




For any kind of technical assistance or query, please raise a ticket or send us a mail at [email protected]

Also, please explore our Prestashop development services and vast range of quality Prestashop addons.

Current Product Version - 5.2.2

Supported Framework Version - 8.x.x, 1.7.x.x

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