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    PreOrder Strategy: Rev Up Your Shopify Store Sales

    Updated 22 December 2023

    Actually True! You just can’t rev up your online sales to a great extent soon after publishing products on your online store.

    You must need to thought out some really good product selling strategies to have the best chance of success. Isn’t it amazing to Allow PreOrder on products!

    Also being a newbie to the world of eCommerce, it’s crucial to know about the products in high demand.

    Moreover, making a strenuous effort is necessary to create a buzz in the eCommerce market.

    So, if you work on Shopify, it’s time to take advantage of releasing an item before it is official. Yes! You can easily Allow PreOrder on Items of your store & earn before the product release.

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    This can be achieved by adding preorder to “out of stock” & “about to launch” products of your store.

    “You can’t just open a website and expect people to flood in. If you really want to succeed you have to create traffic.”
    -Joel Anderson, Walmart CEO

    PreOrder products

    What PreOrder is All About?

    PreOrdering a product is similar to the normal orders placed from a website but, the pre-ordered product will be shipped to the destination when it is released for sale.

    Advantages of Selling products on PreOrder

    “Pre-Order: Strategic approach to determine the product in high demand”

    • A smart way to manage “Out of Stock” inventories: If a product is pre-ordered multiple times even if it is not in stock, one can estimate that the product would be in high demand once it gets back in stock.
    • No worries of unsold stocks: If case you have unsold stocks on your store, you can let customers pre-order them by doing the partial payment.
    • Raise store revenue before the product comes out: You will have a big chance to earn from your online store even before getting the products live. Thus, uplift your online sales.
    • Great Marketing Strategy for Pre-released products: Setting products up for pre-order can be a smart tactic to introduce your brand & create a buzz in the market.

    Allow Shopify Store Products for PreOrder

    Shopify is known to be the most simplified eCommerce platform for beginners to set up an online store at a minimal cost. So, if you want to steer clear of the trouble of managing server, software maintenance & lengthy coding, create a store on Shopify & you are good to go.

    Most amazingly, Shopify lets you install apps to enhance store features, setting up products for pre-order is something that can be achieved effortlessly with the PreOrder Controller App i.e. You can easily allow pre-order on your Shopify store products.


    Features of the PreOrder Controller App for the Shopify Store Merchants:-

    • Merchants can add pre-order to the Shopify store products that are currently not in stock.
    • Set a publish date to start pre-order on products i.e. a date when you want customers to pre-order the products.
    • Pre-released products can be added as pre-order products on the Shopify store.
    • Merchant can let customers pre-order “out of stock” products & notify them via mail once the products get back in stock.
    • Allow customers to make partial payments for the pre-order products.
    PreOrder products

    Accepting full payment for pre-order products is not a good idea!

    • Customers will get notified to pay the remaining amount once the product is released & shipped to their corresponding addresses.

    and much more

    Offering pre-order products would be more beneficial if you understand these three points:

    • Allow PreOrder and have products in stock before the releasing date.
    • Be clear with the pre-order payment methods you set for the customers.
    • Stay in touch with the customers who pre-ordered products i.e. Notify customers of every action.

    The Bottom Line

    PreOrder Strategy is quite helpful in moderating the product choice of your customers. Merchants can allow pre-order for “pre-released” as well as “out of stock” products and guarantee immediate shipment soon after the item gets released.

    Customers will get popular products in hand & merchants will earn profit even before launching the products in their respective stores. This somehow proofs that offering pre-order products is the right solution for an online store that can engage more & more traffic to your website.

    Know Why PreOrder is Important for Merchants!

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