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POS Order Discount

For Odoo POS we have come up with this module named POS Order Discount which allows you to give discount globally. By default in Odoo Point of Sale, a discount is applied individually on every product instead of the total amount. Using this module seller can apply the discount on the total amount of the Sale Order. Discounts can be created as fixed amount or percentage based. This module can be beneficial during a festive sale to provide flat discounts or may be for stock clearance.


  • POS order discount allows you to provide a flat discount on the total amount.
  • There can be multiple discounts created on a different basis.
  • Only single discount is applicable per Sale Order.
  • Under POS configurations, select discounts to be applicable.
  • The discount application can be tax inclusive or exclusive.


Create discounts for Point of sale.

Define basis of discount and its application.

Admin can create discount on the basis of percentage or on the basis of specific amount. The discount can be applied on tax inclusive or exclusive amount. Here admin can set the minimum order amount to give discounts for the order amount above the defined amount. An option of short summary is provided which is displayed on the POS for user’s reference.

Discount configurations for point of sale.

Under Point of sale configurations, at the bottom of the administrator’s page you will find the option for discounts, there you can add any number of discounts to be available for the session on point of sale.

POS Session View

A user can apply discount before payment validation. Simply click on the discount button, a list of discount will appear.

List of discounts available on POS.

User can select discount from the list of discounts available. A short description of discount is mentioned on every discount for POS user’s reference.

Note– If any global discount is applied in order then discount line with negative discount amount will be added automatically while clicking on payment method.

As you select discount from the list of discounts available on POS, discounted amount to be paid will appear for payment validation. Here POS user can manage to remove the applied discount or change discount from the list of discounts.

Discounted Receipt view

The discounted receipt includes all the information related to the total amount before discount, total discount on the receipt as order discount and the total amount to be paid after discount.


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Supported Framework Version - v8,v9,v10

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