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    Opencart Delivery Service Mobile app

    Opencart Delivery Boy Flutter App: This app provides the functionality to build a bridge between the admin and the delivery boy. Through this Delivery boy app, the admin can manage the orders and assign them to the respective delivery boy.

    This allows the admin to properly manage the orders and provide better shipping service to their customers. The best part about using this is that the admin can access it from anywhere.

    The solution used for creating an application is Flutter SDK. It allows the developers to built the cross-platform application with attractive UI.

    Also, the Flutter allows the app to function in a smooth and faster manner, without any hang or cutting while scrolling.


    1. To check the Admin End demo tap here. The Login Credentials for the admin will be:
      User Name – demo
      Password –  demo

    Features- Delivery Boy App

    • The Admin can create new delivery boys.
    • Admin can manage delivery boys details and assign delivery to them via the app.
    • The Admin and Delivery boy both have separate login in the same app, to manage the delivery process.
    • Admin can view the status of delivery as set by the delivery boy.
    • That is any changes done in the order status by delivery boy will reflect in the admin panel.
    • The app can even work in Offline mode.
    • OTP authentication for verifying the customer.
    • The delivery boy needs to enter the OTP for verifying the delivery and completion of delivery.
    • Customer will get to track the delivery process under the orders section in Opencart Mobile App.
    • Real-time order synchronization with the web store.
    • Flutter Mobile App is fully customizable as per your requirements.
    • The Flutter Mobile app source code is available (Purchased Separately).

    Admin Panel

    The application provides an Admin Panel which facilitates admin to manage orders and delivery boy. The admin can view the orders and assign the new orders to a delivery boy.

    Sign In

    Here, the Admin can easily log in to the application by adding the login credentials-

    • Email ID- The admin can easily log in to the application by entering the registered email id.
    • Password- Admin can enter the Password for the application here to log in to the application.
    • Forgot Password-  If the user forgets the password, the user can click on the following and enter the registered email address.


    After a successful login, the admin will check the following information that displays in the screenshot below.

    Under the Sales section, the admin will view the following points.

    • Graph: The admin can see the graph reports of the sales based on Daily, Weekly, Monthly, and Yearly.
    • Pending Orders- Here, the order which delivers is shown here as pending orders.
    • Processing Order- Also, those orders which are currently in process of being delivered are shown here in processing orders.
    • Complete Order- The orders which happen to be completed that is they are delivered are shown here.
    • Also, the admin can view the location on Google Maps.

    Apart from the Sales section, you can check the Order section as well in which you can view the graphs for Daily, Weekly, Monthly, and Yearly.

    Also, the application has a navigation drawer on the left side, this facilitates the admin with various functionalities-

    • Dashboard
    • Orders
    • Delivery Boy
    • Log Out


    Under the Order section, the admin can see all the new orders with their respective order id, the amount along with their order status(Like Pending, Processing and Complete). The image below shows the order section.

    Also, on clicking any of the orders, the admin can check the details of the of that particular order.

    The following sections that will be displayed are as follow:

    1.Delivery Boy: The admin can view/assign/edit the delivery Boy from the following section. The following images show how you can easily assign the Delivery Boy to the order.

    Note: The admin will not be able to change the Delivery Boy after the status is changed to complete.

    2. Customer Name: The Admin can view the customer name of the order.

    3. Payment Address: Admin can view the Payment address.

    4. Shipping Address: The shipping address of the order can be viewed by the admin.

    5. Date Added: Also, the Admin can view the order placed date in the following detail.

    6. Shipping Method: Selected “Delivery Boy Shipping” as shipping method.

    7. Payment Method: Also, the Admin can view the payment method used for placing orders.

    8. Item List: The following section will display the item name and the description.

    9.Order Total: Order total and the subtotal displays under this section.

    10. Order History: Also, In the order history section, the admin will be able to view the order date when purchases, status, and comments are done. Any change in the status of the order will reflect in this section.

    Delivery Boy App

    Under the following section, admin can view the list of names of the delivery boy and can add the new delivery boys as required.

    Also, on clicking on the Plus section, the admin can add new delivery boys to the list.

    The following information needs to add while creating a new delivery boy as shown in the image below.

    The admin can enter following details here which is related to the Delivery Boy-

    • Delivery Boy Name- Here add the name of the delivery boy.
    • Telephone Number- Add the phone number of the delivery boy.
    • Email Id- The e-mailing address of delivery boy.
    • Password- Admin can enter the password which the delivery boy will use to log in.
    • Vehicle number- Also, enter the register number of the vehicle which delivery boy is using for delivery.
    • Address- Admin can add the delivery boys address.
    • Delivery Boy Status- Also, the admin can enable or disable the delivery boy status.
    • Vehicle Type- Vehicle which delivery boy is using for delivery like car, bike or cycle.

    On clicking on the delivery boy the following Delivery Boy section appears which displays the delivery boy details as shown in the image below.

    Also, on clicking the edit button, the admin can edit the details of the Delivery Boy.

    Delivery Boy App Panel

    The application provides a separate application login to the registered delivery boy hence facilitating them to manage orders.

    Sign In Delivery Boy App

    The Delivery Boy can log in to the application just like the admin, this provides each delivery boy to manage their respective orders independently.

    The delivery boy needs to enter the following details:

    1. Email Address: The Delivery Boy needs to enter the registered email address which is added by the admin
    2. Password: Delivery Boy needs to enter the password of the account to enter to login account.


    The Delivery Boy also have their own respective dashboard as he logs in to the application, from where the Delivery boy can view the sales and the orders.

    Under the Sales section, the Delivery boy can see the sales graph on Daily, Weekly, Monthly, and Yearly. The Delivery Boy can view the orders based on different order statuses.

    Pending Order: The Delivery Boy can view all the pending order under this section.

    Processing Order: Delivery Boy can view all the orders with processing order status under this section.

    Complete Order: The Orders which are already delivered and status as complete are shown under the following section.

    Under the Order section, the Delivery Boy can view all the order graphs appearing on Daily, Weekly, Monthly, and Yearly basis.

    The Delivery Boy can also view the location on the Google Map. The following section of orders will display as shown in the image below.

    Left Navigation Drawer- Delivery Boy App

    The Delivery Boy can view the various functionality by sliding the left navigation drawer. The following options that appear are as follow:

    1. Dashboard
    2. Orders
    3. Account Setting
    4. Logout

    Order Section

    Delivery boy can view the following orders and their details under this section. The orders which are completed by the delivery boy are set in Green color. The image below displays the various orders with their respective order id and status.

    Also, on clicking on any of the orders, the respective details will display as shown in the image below.

    On the delivery, the delivery boy can click on the Deliver button which will redirect to the pop up with the total amount that needs to collect as shown in the image below.

    Also, on clicking the Pay button, the admin needs to enter the OTP which is provided to the customer as shown in the image below.

    Also, after the OTP is authenticated, the status converts from Pending/Processing to Complete as shown in the image below.

    How will the customer get OTP?

    The customer can get the OTP for the particular order placed in the My Order Section of the Opencart Mobile App as shown in the image below.

    Also, the customer can track the delivery boy by clicking on the track button which will redirect the customer to the map as shown in the image below.

    Account Setting

    The Delivery Boy can view the account setting details like:

    1. Vehicle Number
    2. Delivery Boy Email Address
    3. Vehicle
    4. Contact Information

    The admin can edit the status of the Delivery Boy: Online or Offline as shown in the image below.

    Note: The delivery boy will only be able to set the status as Offline when the orders assigned to the respective delivery boy will be completed.

    Also, if there is any order status left as pending then an error message will be displayed as shown in the image below.

    Admin Panel

    Module Configuration

    To configure the module settings, the admin will navigate through Extensions->Extensions->Modules->Delivery Boy.

    Now, tap the edit button to bring up the configuration settings of the extension.

    Here, the admin will –

    • Enable or Disable the extension for use by selecting the appropriate option.

    Shipping Configuration

    After that, the admin will navigate through Extensions-> Extensions->Shipping and then edit the Delivery Boy Shipping.

    Here, the admin will –

    • Add the Google Key
    • Default Address for the Delivery Boy
    • Set the range(in km) and only those customer will be displayed the shipping whose shipping address is within the range.
    • The Cost of shipping(It’s Global) is set.
    • Select the Tax class for the Delivery Boy Shipping.
    • Also, select the Status of the Delivery Boy Shipping method.
    • Set the sort order for this particular shipping method at the frontend.

    Lastly, Save the Delivery Boy Shipping Method.

    Delivery Boy

    The admin can view all the delivery boy list by navigating the Mobikul Delivery Boy> Delivery Boy as shown in the image below.

    Add Delivery Boy

    Also, the admin can add new delivery boy from the admin panel by filling up the details as mentioned in the image below.

    Order Section

    The admin can view and manage all the orders in which Delivery boy shipping is selected as shown in the image below.

    On clicking the view, the admin will be able view the order and can edit the assigned delivery boy or can assign a delivery boy for orders which have not been assigned a delivery boy.

    Order Management:

    Also, If required, the admin can change the status of the order from pending to processing.

    Note: Only Orders with shipping selected as Delivery Boy Shipping will get displayed within the app.

    That’s all for the Opencart Delivery Boy App still, have any issue feel free to add a ticket and let us know your views to make the module better

    Current Product Version -

    Supported Framework Version - 2.x.x.x, 3.x.x.x

    . . .


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