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    Odoo Website Estimated Delivery


    While purchasing any product online, every customer wants that the product selected must be available for shipment in his location. The customer is also very curious to know when will he get his product to his doorstep. So, Website Estimated Delivery module is made to provide all such functionality and makes the shopping experience better for the customer. It also facilitates admin to exercise different rights like defining the number of days in which the product will be delivered and to define the product availability with Zip codes. The module also provides many other rights to the admin.


    • The admin has the right to change the back-end settings.
    • Admin has the option to define the available Zip codes for product delivery.
    • The number of days can be defined to deliver a product.
    • The module helps to set delivery methods.
    • It helps to enable the delivery time on the shopping cart and product page.
    • Helps to set the delivery time of the product.
    • The module helps to set the messages for the available and unavailable products.
    • The Default configuration can be overridden for a particular product and new set of values can be defined for the product.
    • The website users can check the number of delivery days of the product to any Zip location.


    After buying Odoo Website Estimated Delivery you will get a zip file, which contains module. Unzip the file and now just copy website_estimated_delivery module folder into your Odoo addons. Now enable developers mode on your Odoo

    • Go to settings menu and Click on Activate the developer mode.
    • Now Go to Apps menu and Click on ‘Update Modules List
    • Remove the Apps filter

    Now you will be able to see the module, just install it. After installing you will be able to handle different functionality as mentioned in module’s Workflow.


    First of all, you need to install Webkul Website Addons as this module is necessary to install Website Estimated Delivery module.
    *Note: Admin will define all the settings.

    Module configuration in Backend

    Now, go to Website Admin menu >Webkul Website Addons. In web page column> click on the module configuration to implement the desired settings.

    The Estimate Delivery window will open. Enable the Show delivery time in product which helps to display the delivery time on the product page. To display the delivery time on shopping cart page, Show delivery time in cart is enabled.

    Set the message to be displayed for the available products as well as for the unavailable products respectively for any location. Now, select the display mode and compute delivery time accordingly to display delivery time. The Display mode could be selected either Exact (2 days) or Range (2-4 days).

    The Range display mode is dependent on Create delivery day range and also on number of days. Select Add Days Before or Add Days After for create delivery day range. The number of days defined is dependent on the create delivery day range.

    Example:  The number of days defined is 2 days.

    Create delivery day range we selected following then result will be:

    For Add Days Before: 0-2 days

    For Add Days After: 2-4 days


    The Compute Delivery Time using could be defined either as default delivery lead time or as Advanced Estimated Delivery. Time will be equal to the defined lead time for the product for the Default Delivery lead time field. The time will be according to the defined available within the field and also comma separated Zip codes.

    Zipcodes and their Estimated Delivery can be defined by clicking on add to item. A create zip code window will appear, define the comma separated zip codes with their available within option and then click on save & close. Finally, click on apply to apply the settings.

    How it works on sales menu 

    Click on Sales menu. Under the sales menu, select the products button >Product for which you want to override the settings. Enable the Override Default Configuration and also define comma separated pin codes with the availability time. These all are related to the Compute Delivery Time, select the desired option and then click on save button to save all settings.

    Module working in front end

    On the website, click on shop and then select the desired product you want to shop. The product page will open with the check availability option. Enter the desired Pin code in the field and click on Check button.

    Set message for the available product will appear with the delivery time when the product is available within the entered pin code location.  

    When the product is not available in the entered pin code location then set message for the unavailable product will appear. 

    On Shopping cart page, the delivery details will appear in front of every order line. The option mentioned on left bottom helps to change shipping details.

    For the same Zip-code, a shopping cart could have both available and unavailable products. Example: For Zipcode 555555, the shopping cart contains:

    • iPod (16 GB) which is available for shipment.
    • Apple wireless keyboard which is unavailable for shipment.

    Warning Message 

    For the unavailable product added to cart in the selected zip-code, a warning message will appear on shopping cart page.

    The warning message will appear when a customer tries to make process checkout. When all products added to cart are unavailable or one of the product in the cart is unavailable the warning message will appear.

    In both the above-mentioned situations customer will not be able to make process checkout.


    For any kind of technical assistance, just raise a ticket at and for any doubt contact us at

    Current Product Version - 1.1

    Supported Framework Version - 8, 9, 10

    . . .


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