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Odoo POS Time Based Products


Generally, there is no efficient way to manage the sale of products automatically on the basis of time. This is a common scenario in places like Cyber cafes, Gaming Parlours, Snooker table, Bowling, etc where the seller needs to charge the amount based on the time duration for which a customer uses a product.

In Odoo Point of Sale also no option is available by default through which the seller can sell products on the timely basis. Familiarizing you with our module “Odoo POS Time based Products” which allows you to sell the products based on their usage time and manage the sales efficiently. It can also be used for promotion purposes where the seller can make a product available for a certain time period and charge accordingly.


  • A seller has authority to create time-based products and manages the sales according to the product time usage by the customer.
  • According to the hourly basis, the amount of the product is charged from customers. For instance- Snooker table game is charged 30$ per hour(30/hr) means that customer will be charged amount 30 for the first hour, 60$(30*2hr) for next second hours and so on, on the basis of the complete product’s usage.
  • Total Allocation time of the product is saved at the Odoo backend
  • Unproblematic configuration.


After installation, let’s move ahead for the workflow of the module

The first and foremost step is to set the backend configuration while creating the products.

Moving ahead to set the backend configuration. Follow the path Point Of Sale>Products>Manage time.

In next step, in POS Session add the time-based product in the cart with other products.

Total Allocation Time is saved at the backend.


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Current Product Version - 1.0

Supported Framework Version - Odoo V11

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