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    Odoo POS Product Quantity Selector


    Consider a case that customer visits your POS shop and ordered some products but at the time of billing, customer increases the number of products, in that case, you need to add more quantity of that product from POS Cart. But what if we will provide this option on the Product Page only!

    We have introduced our plugin name “Odoo POS Quantity Selector” using which you can select the quantity from product page only. A “Quantity Selector” is displayed in that Product which you will add to the cart and in just in one click you can increase and decrease the quantity of the product from that “Quantity Selector” and accordingly it is updated on the POS cart.


    • When the product is added to the cart, icon for increase/decrease will appear on the product which is added to the cart.
    • The seller has the right to increase/decrease product quantity in just one click.
    • Product’s quantity which is added to the cart is also displayed on the Product.
    • Highlighted products are displayed in POS cart.
    • No complex configuration is required for this module.

    How does it work?

    Let’s have a look how this module works.

    In POS interface, (+/-) icon is used to increase or decrease the quantity of the product and accordingly it will display on POS cart.

    Highlighted products are available in POS Cart.

    Product count is the product quantity added to the cart. For instance- If  POS user has placed an order for 5 kgs of Boni Oranges. Then, the product count is displayed on the extreme right-hand side corner of the product.

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    Need help?

    So this is a handy software for all the POS users. POS users will have a solution for keeping the records of quantity.

    Thanks for taking the time in reading the blog. If you want to know more about the add-ons on POS. Simply, click on this link Also, visit our company’s website Please do not forget to share the feedback and suggestions about the blog.

    In addition, if you need any kind of furtherance, just raise a ticket at or you can also write us at



    Current Product Version - 1.0.1

    Supported Framework Version - Odoo V 11

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