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    Odoo POS Order Customization


    In the previous blog, you have learned to define the forced question with the particular product. And now in this module Odoo POS Order Customization, you can modify or add the price to the customization options. A POS user can customize customer’s orders with the price.

    For instance- If a customer wants extra cheese with pizza, then an extra amount for an extra cheese will be charged along with the price of Pizza.

    Therefore, application of this module will help you to add extra price to the product which your customer is purchasing.


    • Seller has the authority to set customization option with the price at the backend.
    • Any order can be customized even after adding the products.
    • Price of the product will auto adjust according to the customization.
    • Selected customization option will display both on POS receipt or ticket as well.
    • The selected customization options for the product will also save in the backend.


    Let’s have a glance on the functionality of the module.

    In POS, Add a product and customization options will appear with the price.

    For Instance- If a customer has ordered pizza and a counter boy asks whether you want veg or non-veg. And in case, customer say yes for “Non-veg” then the extra amount for “Non-veg” will add to the product.

    A tag is displayed on the orderline with the addition of the customization price in the product price in POS.

    Selected customization option will display on the printed receipt.

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    Backend View

    At the backend, you can set “Extra price” for the customization option which will appear in POS.

    In the product form, all tags are visible under “Question Groups”

    Click on the order line in order to view the answers under “Extra Comments“.


    Hope you enjoyed reading this post! I would be grateful if you will spread this blog by sharing it with your friends and also share your feedback in the comments. We will be back again with more interesting blog posts. Thankyou

    In case of any query or doubt. just raise a ticket at or log in to our website and drop us an email at


    Current Product Version - 1.0

    Supported Framework Version - Odoo V11

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