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    Odoo POS Email Receipt


    In today’s on-demand economy, the customer expects to fulfill their needs in any form whether it is to buy online or to buy from stores. The key responsibility for any retailer should be to fulfill the demand of customer in multiple ways. But when it comes to receipts, why not facilitate customers with the option to choose between paper, digital or both? With electronic receipts, customer need not carry any faded receipts in their wallet. As receipts in paper form are useless for the customer. At times, the user may ask “Can I mail you e-receipt” because e-receipts are potential cost saving method and more friendly for the retailers.

    Webkul’s splendid module will help you out to email receipts to the customers. “Odoo POS Email Receipts” allows you to send e-receipt to the customer rather than a printed form of receipt. Also, if the customer wishes to receive e-receipt in the different email i.d. This can be easily done by entering the e-mail i.d on which he wants to receive the e-receipt.

    Facets of the module

    • A seller has the authority to send e-receipts to his customers from POS.
    • Sometimes customer wishes to receive an e-receipt on different email i.d. The user may specify different email id while customer’s primary email still remains the same.
    • An option for the update of customer’s primary email address is available while sending an E-Receipt.


    Let’s have a quick look at the functionality of this module.

    Initially, place an order at POS cart. Move further for validating payment. Enable option “Email Receipt” is available on the extreme left of the payment window.

    For editing e-mail details, simply click on the pen-like icon( refer to the screenshot below).

    If the customer wishes to get e-receipt at different email id. Simply, a POS user will enter the different email i.d of the customer and will click on “Update customer’s email” option.

    The seller can specify the email id even if the customer is not selected.

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    Customer will receive e-receipt in his inbox.

    Need help?

    As you all know, emails are the precious records for recording email receipts. Moreover, the customer buys from every store whether it is offline, online or retail stores.

    This additional benefit helps to convince shoppers that it is in their best interest to opt for digital receipts. This will help the customer to build a more accurate profile of shopping behavior, connecting customers to their transactions, which can be a really powerful tool for the retailer.

    Thank you for reading the blog. Stay in touch with us for more interesting blogs. In addition, you can also login to our company’s website for reading more blogs and for exploring our new e-commerce modules. Also, Click here to seek more modules on POS.

    For any kind of furtherance, simply raise a ticket a simply raise a ticket Also, you can write us at


    Current Product Version - 1.0

    Supported Framework Version - Odoo V10, V11

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