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    Odoo POS Complimentary Items

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    Offering complimentary goods adds value to the purchase. Doesn’t matter whether a customer will purchase the product or not, but definitely, it will attract the customer’s mind once. Considering this, introducing you to our new module Odoo POS Complimentary Items/Free of Charge Items which automatically adds complimentary goods when a certain amount of product’s quantity is purchased in Point Of Sale. Accordingly configuration is defined at the back end. Hence, POS Complimentary Items module is very useful for those sellers who want to sell some complimentary goods to their customers.


    • Seller has the authority to configure the complementary items settings from the backend.
    • A complimentary item tag is displayed on POS Cart.
    • When a specific quantity of a product is purchased, an associated complementary product will be automatically added to POS cart.

    Workflow of the Module

    Moving a step ahead for the workflow of the POS Complimentary Items.

    An initial step is to set the backend configuration on a product. Follow the path Point Of Sale>Products>Complementary Item and then define the configuration. Let’s take an example to understand it more clearly.

    For Instance–  Let’s say we have a product named Redmi Mi note 3. We have specified the product quantity(2) and complementary product which is to be sold with the specific quantity of the product(Redmi MI Note 3). Now, when a customer will purchase 2 quantity of this particular product, a complementary product will be automatically added to the product.

    While adding the specific quantity of the particular product(Redmi MI Note3), a complimentary item will be automatically added to POS cart.

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    If you have any doubt or query, kindly raise a ticket at or drop us an email at our email i.d


    Current Product Version - 1.0

    Supported Framework Version - Odoo V12, V11, V10

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