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    Magento 2 SEO Checklist

    If you are planning for setting up and an eCommerce store for the first time, then there are a lot of efforts that are required to achieve a better one.

    Search engine optimization doesn’t mean only to get higher rank at SERP (Search Engine Results Page) but it also refers to the highest conversion rate.

    Below are some Magento 2 SEO checklist which you need to concentrate on after launching your eCommerce site:

    Importance of A/B Testing for an eCommerce store

    A/B testing is one of the important aspects which needs to take care of after launching the website. It will help to create a better user-friendly front view.

    The major aim of A/B testing of the pages or the front-view is to know the customer preference in a better way.

    • You can take the review from the customer regarding the different aspects of the web pages such as the layout of the page, font size, font style, and color code of the web pages, etc.
    • You can create two variants of a single page and can divide the customer traffic into two-parts. 50% of traffic should land on the 1st variant and another 50% should land on the 2nd variant.
    • The customer will give their reviews after visiting the pages and according to the percentage of the reviews, you should design the final layout and color code of the pages.

    In the above picture, there are two variants based on the button color and the layout of the page. And according to the customer response, the conversion rate through the 1st variant is 65%. Also, the conversion rate through the 2nd variant is 25%.

    So, the online merchant should final the 1st variant of the web page. This will lead to boosting the conversion rate of the online store.

    How to decrease the Bounce Rate of Magento 2 Store?

    When the users land on any website and they don’t find the landing page that much attractive or engaging, then they don’t bother to navigate through the whole page.

    This is the major reason why Google’s analytics server will not get triggered. Due to zero engagement on the landing page, it results in a bounce rate.

    The main aim of the website owner is to keep the customers on the pages of their website for a long time. It will lead to a good conversion rate of the customers from there website.

    Let’s have a look at the other factors which affects the bounce rate of the website:

    • Website SpeedThe customer doesn’t want to wait for a long time to browse the site. The website must fulfill the ideal time to decrease the bounce rate and i.e. less than 2 seconds.
    • Image Quality – Usually, the websites have a high-quality image that leads to an increase in the loading time of the site. In that case, the Webp format image helps. Using WebP, webmasters can create smaller and richer images.
    • Web Design – The viewers have a sense of poor design. So, having a good design of the website really matters a lot to engage the customers.

    Thus, the bounce rate is one of the important parts of the Magento 2 SEO checklist.

    Conversion Rate of Magento 2 Store

    In the end, the main aim of online merchants is not only to reduce the bounce rate but to increase the conversion rate too of their Magento 2 website.

    Also, the conversion rate is directly proportional to the most important part of the Magento 2 SEO checklist.

    The conversion rate of an eCommerce website defines as the ratio of the total number of visitors to the total number of sales on the website.

    The major focus of the website owner is to get more click on the CTA (Call To Action), which results in the more conversion rate.

    CTA (Call to Action):

    A CTA is an instruction to the visitors to call for the action. The CTA is usually in the form of the buttons. It is basically used to convert visitors into sales or leads.

    The CTA can be placed anywhere on the website such as on the banner, product page, home page, etc. The CTA can be in the form buttons such as Buy Now, Subscribe, Request Quote, Download, etc.

    There are effective and inefficient ways to place the CTA on the website:

    • Place the CTA wherever they are making more sense on the website.
    • CTA must be relevant to the content of the page.
    • It can use in a different format on the website.
    • Keep the CTA brief and defined.

    Optimized Writing Skill

    To grab the attention of the users, the website content should be this way that intends them to read more. Of course, throwing some bunch on the words on a page will never work. It’s totally the responsibility of the writer to make the words and the content precise.

    Below are some points which needs to be taken care of while writing the content:

    • Do the research about the product, before start writing about it.
    • Always write the content relevant to the product.
    • Use relevant images in between the content.
    • Always write shorter sentences.
    • Make more points, avoid long paragraphs.
    • The transition between one line to another must very smooth.
    • Better use of fonts.
    • Try to engage the users by using simple and clear sentences.

    Single Page Content:

    Writing useful content on a single page plays a very vital role in the better conversion rate. Since the user does not need to navigate through the different pages to gather information about the product.

    The Page contains everything relevant to the product without needing to click elsewhere. It will also help to decrease the bounce rate as the customer finds their desired search on the single page only.

    Importance of Internal linking in the online store

    It is worldwide known that content plays a major role in search engine optimization (SEO). However, the content alone is not enough to grab the attention of the visitors and the search engines.

    Here comes internal linking in the picture. It supports the SEO of an eCommerce store by driving the user traffic to other pages from a single page.

    Before discussing further, let’s discuss what is internal linking?

    It simply means any linking from one page to another page within the same domain. It basically used for the users to navigate through the whole website in a go. In other words, it helps to build the information hierarchy for any website.

    Now, let’s head towards why to focus on internal linking?

    • By the use of proper user-friendly links in the content, you can provide the ease in user’s navigation.
    • If the content through the internal linking provided by you is related and relevant for your users, then they prefer more to read. It results to increase the conversion rate of the website.
    • Internal linking helps the new users to explore your website. Also, it increases the view of the pages of the website.
    • Linking to the relevant pages helps you to increase the time that the users spend on the website and hence decrease the bounce rate.

    Rich Snippets or Schema Markup

    Before discussing the benefits of the Rich Snippet in SEO for Magento 2 store, first, let’s understand What is Rich Snippet or Schema Markup?

    • It helps Google search engines to better understand what information or content is contained on each web page and provide detailed product information in rich Search results.
    • Rich snippets are different from the other snippets. The users will instantly know more about their search, just by looking at them.
    • Since the rich snippet looks much nicer so the users prefer to click on that. It leads to an increase in the click-through rate of the snippet.

    If the click-through rate of any snippet is high, then the page will get more traffic from that search result. Google will notice the user’s preference since more people will click on the rich snippet, so it results in high ranking.

    Benefits of the Rich Snippet:

    • The rich snippets provide eye-catching results.
    • It helps to increase the CTR (Click Through Rate) because of the more relevant information.
    • It decreases the bouncing rate since the users know the content of the site and its relevance to their query even before visiting it.


    Thus, that is all about the Magento 2 SEO Checklist. If you have any queries or suggestions, then feel free to add a ticket at our HelpDesk system.

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