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How AB Testing is Essential?

Updated 18 March 2016

What is AB Testing?

AB Testing is a plan that helps the organisation to achieve their goals by simply comparing one page against another or more variations that contains one major difference in an element of the control page.

If there are two layouts and in the first layout we have used a red color button and in another layout we have used a green color button, then we compare which layout got hits and is more efficient.

How AB Testing Works?


In comparing two web pages by two different variants and the layout that gives a better conversion rate wins. Measuring the performance of a variation (A or B), means measuring the rate at which it converts visitors to goal achievers.

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Every Organisation got success only when it learns the behaviour of the user. AB Testing Plays Vital role to learn the user behaviour.

Why AB Testing needed?

AB testing allows an organisation to make the careful change to their user experiences while collecting data on the results it gives helps us to learn that why certain elements of their experiences impact user behaviour. On the other hand, positive results are achieved by Influencing (hits). And the importance of AB Testing is to increase the conversion rates.

Important Terms

Terms related to AB testing

  • Conversion is the term come to use when Visitor is staying longer on the website or an e-commerce site, it means the organisation is successful enough to bound their visitors on the store/website because of the content & the imagery is used. When visitors get the reward to take action according to their desire, need, or interest. Conversion figures out the accessibility or learnability of the user which shows that how much the site gives them more and more problem-solving and get the desired goal performing the action. It depends on the CTA button also the color, the placing and the size of the button.
  • CTA (Call To Action): It is a button where the user performs the action. The Main Purpose of the CTA button is to get a visitor to the site to do something. And Reward is the term from which user get valuable content / text / imagery….etc. Unfortunately, sometimes CTA button not works properly because of color, size, and placing and visitors go back from the site which is called “Bounce Rate”.There are So many reasons of bounce rate but CTA plays the most important role sometimes it works phenomenally but sometimes it increase bounce rate of the site because of the wrong hierarchy. So there must be a contrast in background and button. The Button is like Buy Now, Add to cart, Click me, Sign up etc..
  • Bounce rate: Whenever the visitor visits the site and not get proper information Which he is looking for  through action which performed by him, In that time bounce rate increases really high and you get lower your site ranking in most of the search engines, Which is not a good thing. Visitors are not finding what they are looking for so they leave almost immediate.
  • Drop Off: It is the term when User Cross the particular page of the site  that is called Drop Off.

Why To AB Test

Result of AB testing

  • Increase the rate of hits.
  • Visitors visit your site more and more
  • If Visitor achieves their goal through your site then reviews and rating will also be increase
  • Learn the behaviour of user
  • Learns from mistakes and errors

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