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Magento 2 Multi Vendor Purchase Order

Updated 13 October 2023

With the help of this marketplace add-on, the sellers can create PO (Purchase Orders) for the wholesalers. Once the quotation is approved, the seller can send the purchase orders and source the products. Wholesalers and sellers can view and manage incoming shipments.


Features of Magento 2 Vendor Purchase Order

  • The admin can approve the wholesaler and add a new wholesaler.
  • Product Price Rule can be created by the wholesaler.
  • The wholesaler can mail the quote detail to the registered mail id.
  • The seller can quote for the bulk purchase order of the product.
  • The seller can create a purchase order for Approved wholesale quotes.
  • The admin can merge different purchase orders into a single purchase order.
  • Notification emails on order status change.
  • Wholesalers can check their respective purchase orders.
  • Wholesalers can schedule the shipments.
  • Admin can configure whether Order Approval is required or not.
  • Admin can allow sellers to receive shipments.
  • Sellers can check the status of their purchase order.
  • Sellers can update multisource inventory using Purchase Order.

Installation – Magento 2 Purchase Order

When you extract the downloaded zip file you will find two modules in it. Please follow the installation process with the sequence as follows:

1 – Installation of Webkul Magento 2 Multi-Supplier Wholesale Module, for this extract magento2_marketplace_wholesale extension zip and follow its readme.txt file installation steps.

2 – Unzip the magento2_marketplace_purchase_management extension zip and then move “app” folder (inside “src” folder) into Magento root directory on the server as shown below:

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After the successful installation, you have to run these commands in the Magento 2 root directory.

First command – php bin/magento setup:upgrade


Second command –  php bin/magento setup:di:compile


Third Command – php bin/magento setup:static-content:deploy


After running the commands, you have to flush the cache from the Magento admin panel by navigating through->System->Cache management as shown below.


Multi-Lingual Configuration – Magento 2 Purchase Order

For Multilingual support, please navigate to Store>Configuration>General >Locale Options. And select your desired language from the Locale option.


Language Translation – Magento 2 Vendor Purchase Order

For module translation, navigate to the following path in your system app/code/Webkul/MpPurchaseManagement/i18n Open the file named en_US.CSV for editing as shown in the below screenshot.


Then replace the words after the comma(,) on the right in the file with your translated words.


After editing and translating the CSV file, you need to save the translated file name according to your region language and country code such as – de_DE.CSV. Followed by uploading the translated file to the same folder from where you have obtained it. Now your module translation is complete.


Module Configuration

After the module installation, the admin will configure the module settings. For this, the admin will navigate to Stores -> Configuration -> Webkul -> Marketplace Wholesale as shown below in image.

Magento 2 purchase order Module configuration

Here admin will see four configuration settings:

General Settings-

  • Status- This can be set as Enable to activate the module on the website.
  • Name- Here, admin can specify the name of the Marketplace store or the organization name.
  • Admin Email-id- The admin needs to enter the mail id via which the wholesaler and admin communication can take place.
  • Wholesaler Approval Required- The admin can choose here if the wholesalers will approve automatically or admin needs to do the same manually.
  • Wholesaler Product Approval Required- The admin can select if Wholesalers products get an automatic approval or admin needs to do that manually.

Privacy Policy-

  • Heading– The admin can specify the title of the privacy policy.
  • Description- The admin can state the privacy policy in detail in this section.

Marketplace Purchase Management (Magento 2 Purchase Order)-

  • Enable – The admin will enable the module by selecting Yes else, select No to disable the module.
  • Default prefix – The admin can write the default Prefix used during quotation increment number generation.
  • Default padding – The admin can set Padding for quotation or purchase order increment number generation.
  • Allow seller to receive shipment – The admin can select Yes to allow the seller to receive shipment else select No from the dropdown.
  • Order approval required – The admin can select Yes if order approval required else select No from the dropdown.
  • New purchase order mail to the seller – The admin can set the default new purchase order mail to the seller.
  • Order status update mail – The admin can set the default order status update mail.

Wholesaler Transaction Email-

The admin can define in this section multiple email templates on various action-

  • New Wholesale Account Template
  • New Quote Email to Wholesaler
  • Quote Message Email
  • Wholesaler Custom Email to Seller
  • Quote Status Email
  • New Product Email
  • Product Approval Email
  • Product Unapproval Email
  • Approval Email(Wholesaler)
  • Wholesaler Inactive Email.

Wholesaler End

How To Become Wholesaler?

The wholesalers can go to the frontend of the website wherein footer section they can click on Create a Wholesaler Account.

So, this will open up a registration form that needs to be filled by the wholesalers in order to be part of the marketplace.


Admin Approval – Magento 2 Purchase Order

The Registered wholesaler needs to be approved by the admin. For this, the admin can go to Wholesaler Management>User, to edit the information of a particular seller.


The admin can click on Edit to view the wholesaler’s details and set the status to Active in order to approve the wholesaler.


Wholesaler Dashboard

The wholesaler once approved can manage the quotes from the backend of Magento 2 by login through the registered credentials.

Hence, the wholesaler here can accomplish tasks like-

  • Unit Creation
  • Price Rule Creation
  • Seller Quotation approval
  • Leads Management
  • Product List Creation.


The Wholesalers can create the units for the product that is used while creation of price rule. Therefore, these units will be as per the products on the store.


For the creation of units, the Wholesaler needs to click on ‘Add New Unit‘.


So, here, the admin can enter the-

  • Unit Name-The name of the unit in which the product will be measured.
  • Sort Order- This will be the order in which the unit will appear.
  • Status- This states if the unit is enabled or disabled.

Price Rule – Magento 2 Purchase Order

These are the rule set by the wholesaler according to which the seller can quote for the products. The wholesalers can specify the rule in- Wholesale Management>Price Rule.


The wholesaler can click on the Add Price Rule to create a new price rule. However, they can click on Edit to change the existing Price Rule.


The WholeSaler needs to enter the Rule details-

  • Rule Name– The name of the rule could be specified here that represent the rule set.
  • Status- The rule must be set to enable to make the rule visible to sellers.
  • Manage Units– The units created previously can be selected here in accordance to which the rule can be created. Apart from the Unit, the wholesaler needs to specify the quantity and price per quantity.

Product List

The Product list will only be displayed for those products to which the Price Rule is attached. The wholesaler can click on Add New Product to attach the product to the Price rule.


The Wholesaler here can enter the Product details here by specifying –

  • The minimum and maximum quote quantity of the product,
  • the production capacity of the product in a specific duration of time, it can be Per Day, Week, Month or Year,
  • mention the price rule for the product.


After entering the product details the wholesaler can set the status as Enabled to make the functionality visible.


Then the wholesaler needs to assign the product to the price rule.


Admin Approval Of Product List

Once the wholesaler adds the product to the product list it needs to be admin approval as per admin settings.

Magento 2 purchase order product_list_approval

So, for this, the admin can navigate to the Wholesaler Management>Product List. Then, the admin can select the product and take a bulk action of Approval.

Note- Now before understanding the Leads and Product Quotation section we need to understand the seller front.

Seller Front

The seller can now easily quote for the products. So, now the seller can login and can view the products of wholesalers in the form of a list by following the navigation as Wholesale>Wholesale Product.Magento 2 purchase order Seller front wholesale product
So, here the seller can view the details related to the products-

  • The name of the Product and image of the product under Product Name.
  • The product type to which the product belongs under Type.
  • Under Wholesaler information, the list of name of the wholesalers is visible to which the product quote could be sent.
  • The seller can click on the Action-View Wholesaler to place the quote, after comparing the quote rules of multiple wholesalers.

Magento 2 purchase order seller_wholesalers_quotation

Here, the seller can view-

  • The list of wholesalers dealing with the product.
  • The Minimum and Maximum Quote Quantity which the seller can quote for the product.
  • The Production Capacity that is the product will be manufactured in these many days.
  • The Action section will have two option one from where the seller can quote for the product- Quotation and second from where the seller can view Price List.

Price List

The Sellers can now easily view the Price list of the product by clicking on the Price List option in the form of Pop-Up.

Thus, the Price list is meant for the seller to propose the quote as per the Price rule displayed here.

Magento 2 purchase order Wholesale_product_price_list

Quote Request

The seller can share there Quotation Request by clicking on Quotation Button. Therefore, this will open up a popup window asking the details of the quote for the product.


Now, here, the seller can enter the-

  • Product Name– The name of the product will remain autofill.
  • Quantity– The seller will specify here the units of product. This will be having a limit.
  • Price Per Item– Here the seller will specify the quotation price for the product.
  • Message– The seller can mention a note for the wholesaler with regard to quotation.

Wholesaler Quotation

The seller can view the product quotation by navigating through Wholesale> Product Quotation.

Magento 2 purchase order seller_product_quotation

Thus, the seller can click on Edit button to view the quote and communicate on message about the quote.

Magento 2 purchase order seller_product_quote

Wholesaler- Product Quotation

After the seller raises the quote for the product the wholesaler can view the Product in Wholesaler Management>Product Quotation.

Magento 2 purchase order Wholesale Products Quotation Pending

Here the wholesaler can view the quotation of the products in a list.Magento 2 purchase order Wholesaler Products quotation list

The wholesaler can click on Edit to change the status of the quotation or communicate with the wholesaler about the quote.

Thus, as per the requirement, the wholesaler can apply the action as pending, approved or decline to the quotation or write a message for the seller by clicking on quote conversation.

Magento 2 purchase order Wholeasaler View Quote

Purchase Order – Seller End

Once the Quote is approved by the wholesaler Seller can able to apply for purchase order by navigating through wholesale -> wholesale quotation.

Wholesale Products Quotation-2

Thus, the seller can click on Edit button to create the purchase orders for the wholesaler. Tapping on edit button brings out “Edit Quote” page.

Here, the seller can hit on “Create Purchase Order”  button to make a purchase order for a wholesaler as shown in below image.

Magento 2 purchase order Magento2-Edit Quote-3

When seller will click on “Create purchase order” button, the seller will be able to view selected order information like product order status, source, package weight, and origin address.

Magento2-PO-Order information-4

Admin Approval

The created purchase order needs to be approved by the admin. For this, the admin can go to Wholesaler Management>Purchase Order, to view the information of a particular purchase order as shown below image.

Magento 2 purchase order Purchase Orders Magento Admin-5

Here, After clicking this button the admin will be able to see the list of the created purchase orders. The admin can click on View option for particular order to set the status to Active in order to approve the purchase order.

Admin Purchase order Magento View -6

Tapping on View button brings out “Purchase Order Information” page, Here the admin needs to click on the “Confirm” button to approve the purchase order as shown in below image:

Magento 2 purchase order Admin approval confirmation

Purchase Order – Wholesaler End

Now your Purchase Order has been Approved successfully. The wholesaler can view the new Purchase Orders by navigating thorough Wholesale Management -> Purchase Order as shown in the image below:

Magento 2 purchase order Purchase Orders Magento Wholesale 8

The wholesaler can click on View option for particular order to set the status to Complete order to ship the purchase order and click on Ship button as shown in the image below:

Magento 2 purchase order Wholesaler Purchase Order Ship 9

Tapping on ship button brings out to a pop-up window, where wholesaler needs to select the order shipment schedule date and click on Ship button in order to ship the order else click on Cancel button likewise as shown in the attached image below:

Magento 2 purchase order Wholesaler Order Shipment 10

Now Purchase Order items successfully shipped, the wholesaler will be able to view the status of a purchase order as shipped and confirmation message similar to the attached image below:

Magento 2 purchase order Purchase Order Wholesaler Item shipped 11

Receive Shipment – Seller End (Magento 2 purchase order)

Once the wholesaler shipped the order, the seller can also check the status of the purchase order for a particular product and receive the shipment by clicking on Receive Shipment button or can Print Shipment details as shown in the image below:Magento 2 purchase order Purchase Order Receive Shipment

Now Purchase Order shipments successfully received, the seller will be able to view the status of a purchase order as complete and confirmation message on the top similar to the attached image below:Magento 2 purchase order Seller Shipment Receive message 13

Even seller can get the PDF or print shipment details by clicking on print shipment button, it contains wholesaler details, purchase order details like product quantity, product name and SKU id likewise below attachment:Print shipment

Note – After receiving the shipment the seller can view increment in the stock count for the particular product.

Before creating the purchase order 


Stock count is – 50

After receiving the shipment


Stock count is – 60

That’s all for the Magento 2 Multi Vendor Purchase Order(PO) extension. If you have any queries regarding the plugin, please contact us at Webkul Support System.

You can also check our complete Magento 2 extensions.

Current Product Version - 5.0.1

Supported Framework Version - Magento 2.0.x, 2.1.x, 2.2.x,2.3.x, 2.4.x

. . .

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