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    Joomla VirtueMart Voice Search

    Joomla VirtueMart Voice Search->

    Voice recognition technology has become an increasingly popular concept in recent years. This technology also makes invaluable contributions to business and that enriches customer experience. Voice recognition software allows dictations from devices to be effortlessly transformed into text. As we have noticed that most of the queries are “Voice Search” due to the increasing popularity of voice recognition technology. To provide your Joomla site with the functionality to search based on voice, “Joomla VirtueMart Voice Search” is developed.

    “Voice Search” module provides your site the functionality to search based on voice recognition. By using this module a user can search anything on the website by simply speaking on the microphone. This module simply recognizes the customer’s voice and converts it into text and search the desired results. It helps to search an “article” in Joomla OR search a “product” in VirtueMart. This module makes the search process easier and faster.

    Joomla VirtueMart Voice Search Features->

    • Recognizes the customer’s voice and type in the search box.
    • Searches the results related to the keyword in the search box.
    • Saves customer’s time as they don’t have to type keywords manually.
    • Mic icon is visible on the search box to speak a keyword.
    • Admin can customize the color options of the Voice Search icon.
    • Functionality to set the search icon border-radius.
    • Option to select voice recognition supported language locale.
    • Supports either “article search” in Joomla OR “product search” in VirtueMart Store.
    • Supports multiple languages locale.

    Note: It will work only in Chrome Browser and in https (SSL enabled) site.

    Video Tutorial->

    Flow Of Installation And Configuration->


    When you’ll download the “Joomla VirtueMart Voice Search”, you’ll get one zip file and the install.txt file. Read it carefully and follow it. After that install the zip file.


    Go to “Extensions” and click “Modules”. Here you will find “Voice Search Recognization”. Click it to enable the module.


    Now click on the module to configure the settings of the module. Enter the various fields as given in snapshot and click on “Save”.


    Voice recognition technology support various language locale for recognition of the voice. In the above screenshot, the complete list of the language locale that supports voice recognition is given. In case you have set the language that is enabled on your site but doesn’t support voice recognition, then you have the option to choose the language from the whole list of supported language locale.

    FrontEnd View->

    View of “products” in VirtueMart”:

    Once you have configured the settings of this add-on, you will see the mic icon on your search box. When a customer clicks on this icon, a pop-up notification appears on the screen asking for microphone access as shown below:

    Click on “Allow” to allow access to the microphone. At first, the mic is disabled. Click on “mic icon” to enable it.

    Once a mic is enabled by the user, a user can speak a keyword which he wants to search.

    A user speaks a keyword “cap”, “Joomla VirtueMart Voice Search” has typed the keyword in the search box. In search results, you will get all the items that cover the keyword “cap”.

    View of “article” in “Joomla”:

    When a user wants to search for an article, he needs to choose “Joomla” in the “search config”. Here when a user speaks a keyword “Joomla” then he will get the desired results related to keyword “Joomla”

    Desired results based on the keyword “Joomla”:


    That’s All For The Add-On, Still, Have Any Issue, Feel Free To Write Here Http://Webkul.Uvdesk.Com  And Let Us Know Your Views To Make The Module Better

    Current Product Version - 1.0

    Supported Framework Version - Joomla 3.x & VirtueMart 3.x

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