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    Joomla Virtuemart Marketplace Bulk Product Upload

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    Joomla Virtuemart Marketplace Bulk Product Upload:

    Joomla Virtuemart Marketplace Bulk Product Upload is a component that reduces the seller’s workload of adding products one by one. In modern marketplace trend, this is one of the most demanding features that a seller ask, so that seller can easily upload hundreds, thousands of new product or can edit in one go to the Marketplace. This product saves a lot of time so that seller manages their account effectively. Also, from Marketplace owner(Admin’s) point of view, this product provides an opportunity to the admin to attract more sellers to his/her Marketplace also, admin will have the authority to publish/Unpublish seller’s product ultimately.

    Please Note: This Marketplace add-on is only compatible with Joomla Virtuemart Multi-Vendor Marketplace also, make sure while adding images URL of a product in CSV file, they can be added from any server by absolute path only( Sample Image)


    • A seller can create/update bulk product by CSV.
    • Mass Update via Product Name.
    • Each Attribute has a Different Column.
    • A seller can upload product’s  images as well through the same  CSV/XLS file.
    • can upload Multiple images of a single product(Separate by | sign).
    • A seller can add images from any server by absolute path.
    • Fully dynamic, responsive and easy to use.


    (For Admin) BACKEND:-

    Browse the ‘Joomla Virtuemart Marketplace Bulk Product Upload’ zip file and then drag and drop.

    Now, click on “System” then move to “Global Configuration” and click on it.

    Click on Joomla Virtuemart Marketplace Bulk Product Upload for setting email template.

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    (For Sellers)FRONTEND:-

    First of all seller(s) have to login using their credentials then need to click on ” Marketplace Bulk Product upload” option. Then a view will be open where a seller can upload only new product list or upload list of editing filed’s the value of the existing product in the store. After that they have to select the file(only in CSV and XLS format) Please Note: In one upload process seller can select only one specific category.

    Now, in this view seller can see the uploaded product and values corresponding to each filed. If there is something wrong entry please click on “Cancel” button.

    Mobile Device View:

    Now, here a seller has to do the filed mapping that is “Drag and Drop Fileds to respective textbox for file mapping”

    Mobile Device View:

    After that admin will receive an email regarding the list of products upload by a seller, it is up to the admin to publish/unpublish them.


    That’s all for the Joomla Virtuemart Marketplace Bulk Product Upload still, have any issue feel free to add a ticket and let us know your views to make the Component better

    Current Product Version - 1.0

    Supported Framework Version - Joomla 3.x and Virtuemart 3.x and Marketplace 5.1.X

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