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    Integrate Order Management System with Your eCommerce Store

    A proper order management system helps merchants to streamline their online businesses. How a customer recognizes your brand majorly depends on how you manage orders. Thus, it has a direct impact on building your brand reputation in the competitive market.

    Managing orders efficiently is the key feature for the growth of an eCommerce store. So, if you sell on any of the eCommerce platforms like WooCommerce, Shopify, Magento, Prestashop, you must have the right set of tools to manage your orders.

    Suppose, if you sell on Shopify, you will have an efficient order management system to keep tracking orders, product inventory, fulfillment & shipment. You can take care of your customer’s orders efficiently. But is it all for the successful completion of orders?

    No, You must need an order management system for your customers as well.

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    Manage Orders for the Customers

    Order Management system is not always a one-way process. Order received by the customers at their doorsteps may not be the final step in a complete order process. The customer may raise RMA request if not satisfied by the product. Also, he/she may request to change the shipping address right before delivery.

    Thus, it is important to pick up the right order management system for your online store. Also, a simplified way for customers to manage orders.

    Salient Features of an effective Order Management System for Customers:-

    1. Option to raise RMA Request.

    No matter how valuable your product is, you have to deal with the customers who want to return their orders after making the purchase. So, you definitely need an RMA (Return Merchandise Authorization) system to handle all your returns, exchange & cancellation of orders while operating an online store.

    RMA simplifies the return, cancel & exchange process by providing an interface to let you communicate with the buyers. You can create a list of acceptable reasons and check if the customer’s reason is valid or not. Based on that, you can accept or reject the RMA requested by the customers.

    2. Reorder the previous purchase.

    “Retaining an existing customer is less expensive than acquiring a new one.”

    The reorder option is a necessary feature for your customer order management system. Every time, you can’t wait for the customers to return back to your website and browse more items for purchase.

    Some items like makeup essentials, everyday care, baby products get your customers back and let them reorder their previous purchase. Thus, you can set the easiest way for the customers to check their order history and reorder items in one click.

    3. Option to change Shipping Address

    It might be the possibility that the customer has entered the wrong shipping address and placed an order on your store. Or he/she might not be available at the mentioned address where the item is going to be shipped.

    In such cases, it’s crucial to provide the option for the customer to let them change their shipping address if the item is not yet fulfilled in your store.

    4. Invoice Request

    Invoice is the order bill issued by the seller to the buyer requesting him/her to make the payment for the purchased order. It is a necessary document every buyer should have once he/she makes a purchase.

    So, providing the “Invoice Request” option for the customer is a must-needed feature.

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    5. Order Lookup

    Do you think it’s mandatory for customers to have an account on your store to make a purchase? Necessarily not! Typically, if we talk about Shopify, it allows guest checkout for the customers. Thus, customers can make the purchase as a guest. They need not have an account on your store.

    Now, how the customers will lookup their orders? Keeping this requirement in mind, order lookup feature is must needed! You can create a menu on your store. The customer will enter the email ID & order number and get the order details in one click.

    Thus, the customer can raise RMA request, request merchant to change the shipping address, request for invoice, reorder previous purchase.

    All in One Solution

    If you want to start your Shopify store, one app can help you to achieve all the features benefits. With the customer order management app for Shopify, you can set an effective tool for the customers to manage orders.


    Most amazingly, if you run a marketplace with Shopify using the Multi-vendor Marketplace App, you can let your sellers & customers interact with each other. Also, let them manage the RMA, Invoice and other order processes. You just need to enable the feature app to make the integration work.


    It is crucial to acquire a seamless order management system for the customers while operating an eCommerce store. Customer’s expectations are getting higher with the time. Thus, you need to ensure that you are delivering a seamless customer experience with a cost-effective order management tool.

    There are numerous order management tools you can integrate with your eCommerce store. Just make sure to have these essential features as explained above.

    If you have an online store on Shopify, you can integrate the Customer Order Management app that perfectly fits your needs in offering simplified ways for your customers to manage orders.

    Hope You find this helpful. Do let us know in the comment section below or connect in case of any queries.

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