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    How to start an eCommerce marketplace in Germany?

    Germany is one of the biggest markets in Europe for online business. So Starting an eCommerce marketplace in Germany is becoming popular nowadays.

    Even the entrepreneurs are perceiving massive growth through online business in the German Market possibility. eCommerce is booming worldwide.

    So this is the right time for business owners to target the German population of 83 million people with 49 million online shoppers.

    Germany hosts Europe’s biggest economy moreover it is also up as a global competitor in the eCommerce space. Henceforth online multi-vendors are finding enormous growth scope and opportunities in the German Market.

    Now, before going into further detail let’s discuss the major leader of German eCommerce marketplaces.

    What are the top German marketplaces?

    There are a number of eCommerce sites across Germany to explore to understand how to start a marketplace in Germany?

    Drafting out top German Marketplaces below:

    So, being a new player in the German eCommerce Marketplace industry one can take reference of the above competitors.

    Furthermore, when you have such well-known competitors already available in the targeted market. Then the question which comes to mind is –

     What you require to start an eCommerce marketplace?

    Important considerations for eCommerce marketplace in Germany

    Any business person willing to start an online business to serve customers in Germany through eCommerce Marketplace needs to take German law into consideration.

    Compliant with the GDPR

    From May 2018, the role of GDPR has become very crucial for businesses running on marketplaces, eCommerce platforms, and SaaS. It’s time, you make a checklist of compliances and get your business GDPR compliant.

    The General Data Protection Regulation or GDPR is an EU data protection regulation that specifies how the data of the customers living in the EU should be used and protected.

    The regulation applies to all the organization either operating in the EU or outside the EU which processes the data of EU customers.

    The regulation has been termed as the basic data fundamental rights granted to citizens which gives them more control of their personal data. GDPR was adopted by the European Union in April 2016 and came into effect on 25th May 2018.

    Compliant with the GDPR (General Data Protection Regulation) and follow all latest EU (European Union) regulations and guidelines for user data protection.

    Hence you can have Webkul’s Multi-Vendor Marketplace GDPR Module to follow all the latest EU (European Union) regulations and guidelines for user data protection. There are many options available for viewing, accessing, erasing, or updating the seller’s private data.

    Data Protection Act

    To run a successful eCommerce marketplace in Germany e-owner must adhere to the guidelines of the German Data Protection Act. So, as a website owner, you need to maintain a privacy policy to gather any personal information.

    Consumer Protection

    Consumers are the key to thrive in the market that’s why online marketplace owners are much concerned about consumer protection against unfair practices.

    Terms and Conditions

    Online trading develops a relationship between business owner and customer. Hence it is must to protect yourself and limit the legal liability by showing Terms and Condition on your website.

    The most important German regulations in this area of law to follow:

    • Act against Unfair Competition
    • Privacy Act
    • Regulations on General Terms and Conditions
    • Consumer Protection Act

    Therefore before starting an eCommerce marketplace in Germany you need to understand German rules and regulations to strictly follow.

    Thus, you need to keep the purpose transparent and inform the consumer before gathering any personal information.

    As a business owner you need to define and showcase below given points:

    • General Terms and Conditions
    • Privacy Policy/Data Protection Declaration
    • Disclaimer
    • Consumer Right of Withdrawal Instructions

    German Market Legal Validator

    The merchant who wants to start marketplace in the German market. The merchants have to cover all the aspects of the legal departments that ensure compliance with the law.

    If not followed properly, then merchants may face legal consequences from the customers or buyers.

    Hence to avoid such a scenario, the merchant or the store owner can use the Germanized Legal Validator Module to make your marketplace compatible with the German Rules and Regulations for the eCommerce website.

    Even using this extension, the merchants can make their online store applicable to the German market legal regulations.

    Moreover, the admin can display product delivery time, top links with custom logo, add COD fee, and display a legal reference page as a link on the checkout and sales order email.

    What do you need to start an eCommerce marketplace in Germany?

    Which platform will be best?

    The prime concern for the entrepreneurs to start an eCommerce marketplace is to decide which platform will be the right choice? Drafting out a few to help you to pick the one suitable for your e-business –

    Select your platform for your eCommerce store-

    Web Hosting Service

    Hosting is an essential component for setting up an eCommerce marketplace. Check the below-specified list of cloud-based service through which the hosting can be achieved:

    • Amazon AWS Stack
    • Google Cloud
    • Microsoft Azure StackSSL, wherein the requirement arises of the cloud support team, which Webkul Offers.

    Domain Purchase

    A domain name should be unique because it signifies the registration of the domain to claim space on the internet. This registered name is used by the eCommerce business owner on the websites as well as in e-mail.

    Inventory Management

    Inventory/Stock management is the most complex part when it comes to setting up a marketplace. Usually, the stock of goods and services is massive in the marketplace.

    Thus, a reliable inventory management system is the most required feature of a marketplace. If it is not managed a proper way then it can become the biggest challenge to manage the records of inventory depleting and incrementing.

    Safe Secure Payment Options

    The payment is the most significant and sensitive part of the eCommerce marketplace. The eCommerce application will be a success only when it supports multiple payment gateways to allow an easy transaction.

    It must be secure, safe, super convenient for the users to win the customers’ trust in Germany.

    Any eCommerce business achieves success when it supports multiple payment gateways to allow an easy transaction.

    German prefers reliable and secure payment gateways compatible with the Payments Services Directive (PSD2) in the EU.

    Henceforth we suggest choosing PayPal Commerce and Stripe as a payment processing platform.

    Shipping Methods

    Shipment is also an important part of any eCommerce business. It has to be handled in the right way with proper guidance.

    There are various shipping providers available in the market. Select the best-suited shipping method for your business and customers.

    Above are a few of the common considerations, if you are planning to start an eCommerce marketplace. No matter in which Geo-location you will start your online business.

    However, if you wish to extend your marketplace to an advanced marketplace, then you can have a look at Webkul’s Plugins for the best solution.

    Hyperlocal Delivery

    Also, if you want to have your marketplace for a specific location, then you can opt for a Hyperlocal marketplace. For more details please check What is Hyperlocal?

    Hyperlocal allows the owners to manage delivery in a short distance radius. And soon which in these times of crisis is helpful for both customers and store managers.

    The Hyperlocal Marketplace is advancing eCommerce for both the merchants and the consumers.

    Have a look at some of the benefits of the hyperlocal marketplace:

    • Boosts for the Traditional Stores sales
    • Least Efforts Required from Retailers
    • Improves Transparency and Efficiency
    • Customers Benefit Because of Competition
    • Run all your Duties through a Single Device

    Shipping Procedure in Marketplace

    After the payment, shipping is the most essential part of any eCommerce business. The eCommerce owner needs to handle this part of online business with sensibility.

    After the customer has done the payment of their order, they will look for their products to deliver on time.

    Henceforth, Providing convenient shipping service to your customer is equally important as providing payment options.

    Henceforth, you need to choose logistic options that charge a reasonable price to ship the products depending on the size and weight of the product.

    Moreover, the best shipping is required because the customers will not prefer to purchase from your store if the delivery is delayed. Also, if they find the shipping charges too high.

    Starting Marketplace in Germany is a Great Deal

    If you are looking to spread your eCommerce business, then there has never been a better time to be in eCommerce in Germany. It is a peak time that you invest in the German market and look for booming growth.


    In case of any query or more details, kindly contact us at

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