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    Convert your store into Magento 2 Multi Vendor Marketplace

    How To Start The Hyperlocal Marketplace With Magento 2

    Nowadays, business models are expanding and changing exponentially with time, sometimes due to changes in the market trend, due to technological advancements and even due to global crisis like recent one COVID-19. The changes mostly result in the new emergence of new trends like the one we are going to discuss in this article an advanced version of On-Demand Service model of delivery that is Hyperlocal.

    Hyperlocal Marketplace delivery concept has given wings to newcomers in the eCommerce ecosystem to grow with double the usual pace.

    What Is Actually Hyperlocal?

    “Hyperlocal” basically refers to the business in your vicinity or we can say a specific area or area in proximity to your home, business or your current location.


    Going with Hyperlocal business model solves the problem of matching the immediate demands of customers by choosing the channelized workforce to deliver products in the shortest possible time.

    New Era Of eCommerce- Hyperlocal Delivery

    The customer places an order on a website and gets the things delivered three-four days after placing the order. If we are talking regarding this kind of commerce so this is clearly eCommerce.

    But in case of Hyperlocal, if a customer is ordering something so the clear provision is that the delivery must be done to the customer within a few hours of placing the order.

    On-Demand service model requires instant provisioning of orders and solves the problem of matching immediate demand with the nearest available supply in the most optimized manner.

    Services & On-Demand Delivery

    The hyperlocal on-demand delivery model is defined as a business model in which the service provider/ aggregator receives the order and then passes on the order details to a delivery partner.

    The delivery partner dispatches the order by the help of delivery boy a specific channelized workforce.

    The delivery boy procures the orders from the respective local merchants, vendors and makes sure that it reaches the customer in time at the location.


    The aggregator drives the entire model and earns the commission at the end.

    The Hyperlocal on-demand delivery model is applied to services like personal needs, plumber, electrician, beautician etc like Zopper, UrbanClap.

    Examples of the hyperlocal on-demand delivery are UberEATS, Zomato, BigBasket, Postmates, Door Dash, Shipt etc.

    For instance, lets take an example of leaders in grocery Hyperlocal delivery business i.e Shipt.

    Shipt is an American delivery service focuses on the same day delivery of the groceries. By using the mobile application the customer gets access to approx 40,000 grocery items available at the local grocery store to choose from.

    The customers view product details and place their order. Shipt will then shop for those items and deliver it to them.

    Helping out in saving time, fuel, headspace of the customers.

    Taking Hyperlocal Delivery Model To High Sky

    The hyperlocal business has taken the on-demand delivery model to the next level. The ultimate goal of this model is to serve services and delivery of goods to a limited geographical area, as per the customers’ requirement within a shorter duration of time.

    As because of the timely delivery of products and services on the verge of sitting at home makes the business owners implement the hyperlocal supply chain model.

    The customers find it easier to get things done without physically going to the shops. Thus, disrupting the businesses of traditional vendors.

    Hyperlocal In Grocery Industry

    For Instance:- Hyperlocal marketplaces in the grocery industry give freedom to the customers to get delivery of grocery item at a predefined time specified by the customer without stepping out of their comforts.


    ‘Tom’ survives on hot dogs and video games. He hasn’t visited a Supermarket in months. Since his mother will pay him a visit tomorrow, he has no other option but to visit a nearby grocery store to buy some grocery items.

    After consideration, he downloaded an app, registered himself on it, and started ordering grocery online. He picks what items of grocery he needed, makes the payment online and gets the order delivered within an hour time.

    Meanwhile, the aggregator passes the list of grocery to the delivery merchants, vendors, who assign one of his delivery boys to buy the items from a nearby store and deliver it to Tom.

    Helping out Tom gets the fresh groceries on time.

    Why Go Hyperlocal?

    Hyperlocal business model is the need of an hour in order to fill in the customers immediate demand with the nearest available supply in the most optimized manner.

    Transparency in Transaction

    The hyperlocal business offers high physical proximity to the customers. If we are talking about an eCommerce retailer who may expect you to order today so that they can deliver tomorrow.

    Whereas a hyperlocal pharmacy merchant would guarantee that you get the medicines with an hour from placing the order

    The prominent factor of a hyperlocal business is that their whole supply chain is found entirely near to the customer and also the vendors. Thus making the transactions trustworthy with transparency.

    Easy Of Placing Orders

    The customers can easily enter their area on a Hyperlocal system like on web or from mobile application. Based on the customers location the merchants, vendors list gets visible to the customer delivering in that area.

    The Merchants/vendors can add their location according to their products shown to the customer. They can also add shipping rate as per the location range for delivering the order.

    The customer as per the convenience of choice of product selection can order the items from the nearby vendor or merchant in a very less amount of delivery time.

    Trust & Surety Of Deliverable

    In Hyperlocal model the customer gets the benefits of services and products from the nearby vendors and merchants.

    The customer feels as a part of the supply chain as the customer is quiet aware of the vendor location.

    For example:- If customer request for AC service and after the service there is some issue so it would be not a difficult task for the customer to contact the service provider and get things done.

    Gain Visibility As Online Store

    Implementing the Hyperlocal model will definitely going to make the traditional retailers get the visibility online and help in the increment ion in-store sales.

    Magento Right Choice For Starting Up Hyperlocal Model

    The hyperlocal business model is a great choice for local retailers as they can gain maximum results with fewer efforts, they don’t need to actually develop an app of their own.


    They can enlist their name on the platform, and they are good to go.

    You can even implement the Hyperlocal model easily for your business by the help of a Marketplace Hyperlocal System solution.

    As we already know by now that the hyperlocal system is really helpful when you want to target the customers in your desired geographical location or area.

    This extension will convert your eCommerce marketplace built on the Magento platform into a hyperlocal system where customers will only be able to see and search the sellers and products which are available in their location.

    We recommend the usage of An eCommerce website for Hyperlocal System required the use of the, one of the most common and popular eCommerce platforms in the world. Magento is used and recognized by the topmost industry-leading brands like Nike and Coca-Cola.

    Sometimes it happens that a customer likes some product and when he goes for purchasing that product, he sees that the product is not available to his location.

    So in this case, our hyperlocal system eliminates this problem and only shows the products which are available in the customer’s selected location.

    Integrating Marketplace Hyperlocal System solution

    When a customer will visit the website then a pop-up will open asking to enter the location. The customers can enter their location in the pop-up and click on Go To Shop Button to save the location.

    Magento2 Marketplace Hyperlocal delivery

    Shops Available – Based On Customers’ Location

    As soon as the customer enters the location, on the frontend of the website the customer will be able to see all the sellers who are available near the customer location.

    Hyperlocal Delivery

    The customers in order to purchase the products need to visit the available seller collection page. Accordingly, If the customer location matches the seller ship location. Then the customers will find the products.

    hyperlocal delivery

    Hyper-Local Shipping Method

    While purchasing a product, the customer can select the Hyper-Local Shipping Method in order to get the delivery instantly for the desired added product.

    Hyperlocal Delivery

    Develop a hyperlocal mobile app

    It is always great if you can on-demand gets orders by just doing few taps on your phone.

    The hyperlocal business model helps you to run all your errands on a smartphone. Take advantage of services like electrical appliances, plumbing, beauticians etc.


    Buy & get the advantage of a wide range of products such as grocery, food delivery, dairy. Just a few taps on your phone will complete all these tasks.

    If you are running a Hyperlocal webstore and wants to take it to the next level. It is going to be a really great choice if you switch to the Hyperlocal mobile app.

    By the help of Hyperlocal Mobile App built on Magento 2 platform available for Android and IOS.

    With Hyperlocal Mobile App for Magento 2, the customers can buy the desired products from the nearest available shops. A seller can manage its online store, set shipping area and delivery rates via the mobile app.

    The single mobile application works for both merchants and customers.

    The app allows a customer to enter the location manually or select it from Google Map or by auto detection via GPS. The seller can add the deliverable area, the rate of the shipping and seller origin.

    This will allow managing the shipping in an effective way as now the seller can add the desired rate and the regions where a seller will ship the product.

    The app has given the seller ease of Product and Order Management where they can add the products and monitor the orders anywhere and anytime.

    The app is the best solution for any hyperlocal service required- this can be buying grocery item, ordering food, getting travel facility, personal care service, and, many other.

    A Compelling Mobile App For Delivery Boy

    Adopting a Hyperlocal business model is a great choice but delivering the products to the customer in a short time frame is also utmost important thing.

    The rise of GPS enabled devices and proper data related to the population has cleared the way for Hyperlocal E-commerce business. There is a wide range of services to offer from personal, medical, home, groceries delivery to home.

    In every e-commerce business shipping management is the most important thing. That’s why by keeping that in mind we have developed Delivery Boy App for Magento 2.

    Hyperlocal takes on a new dimension when satellite-based location services which allow a high degree of physical location precision combine with a mobile device’s access to the vast set of Internet data and services.

    The mobile Internet data connection available to hyperlocal apps allows GPS location data to be fused with Internet data to improve the decision process of the user.

    Real-time internet awareness of an individual’s precise location in time allows consumers and vendors to consume or deliver hyperlocal content that is relevant to specific individuals at very small time scales.

    For Example:-

    1. You’re having lunch in Barista and now its time to go to your work so without stepping out in hot weather, browse Uber on your smartphone and as per your precise location you can find nearby taxi’s in real-time.

    2. You just step into your bathroom and see that your shower is not working so in this case without going to the Plumbing shop to call a plumber you just browse app on smartphone-like Urbanclap you can there find some nearby Plumbing shop store take the timeslot and done, Plumber will show up in that time repair your shower and done simply!!

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    Hyperlocal Marketplace to serve services and delivery of goods to a limited geographical are within a shorter duration of time??
    • Goldy Bhargava (Moderator)
      Dear Customer,

      As per our Magento 2 hyperlocal solution, the customer first needs to enter their current location where they want to have the product.

      As per customer location, the nearby sellers are visible to the customer, then the customer needs to visit the seller shop online & can continue with checkout to get the product seamlessly faster from the nearest desired seller.


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