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How to Create Home Delivery Mobile App?

Updated 17 November 2022

Are you planning to help people out there in the crisis of Covid-19 by delivering goods and services to their doorstep? If so, then establishing a home delivery system is ideal work to do during the Covid-19  situation.

Coronavirus is believed to be a fatal virus that spreads with human contact. So people all across the world are isolating themselves into the four walls.

Also, whether it’s food, groceries, or medicines people are seeking all the facilities to be delivered to their homes. Local delivery-based eCommerce solutions are helping to fulfil all these facilities of society.

Effects of COVID-19 on the World Economy

According to the most recent United Nations estimates, the world population elaborated by world meter mark up to the whooping count of 759.43 crores.

The uprising of the COVID-19 pandemic since December 2019 is depriving the largest of nations of saving their own freedom. Not only this, but the Covid-19 pandemic is also affecting their economies.

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The Covid-19 pandemic will push the world economy into a 12% contraction from January to March. Likewise, the global recession due to Covid-19 has also hit India’s GDP growth rate. According to the World Bank, the GDP growth of India will slash to 1.5%- 2.8%.

As per the United Nations report Coronavirus (COVID-19), characterized as a pandemic by the WHO, is attacking societies at their core. It is not only a health crisis but also a human, economic, and social crisis.”

Covid-19 Home Delivery mobile app

Preventive Measures for Covid-19

To minimize the risk until the development of the vaccine the following precautionary measures have been advised.

  1. Maintain a special distance by avoiding contact with other people.
  2. Maintain cleanliness by proper sanitization of the surroundings using alcoholic chemical reagents.

Due to the outbreak of Covid-19, when the whole world is going through an economic crisis, eCommerce stores and marketplaces can become a boon for the nations and their people.

Taking preventive measures while delivering the goods will help to cope-up with the present pandemic situation.

Current Situation of the Ecommerce Industry

Each government is advising people to maintain social distancing and to follow the lockdown rules. Due to this people are facing problems in their mundane life.

Also, people are dealing with challenges to buy their daily needs goods such as groceries, medicines, and other edibles.


Against the pandemic, we have many standing as the front liners to help humanity and to escalate positivity in everyone’s conscience.

Also, working in the frontline but not recognized much are the delivery boys from local delivery-based solutions. With effective safety measures, they are out on the field to help the cause by delivering all the basic needs of the people.

To support the cause of social distancing major E-Commerce platforms have now taken the responsibility to deliver important groceries and other items to the doorstep of the consumer.


There are many e-commerce companies like Bigbasket, Walmart, Grofers, Instacart, etc that were already working for delivering groceries during these tough situations.

But after understanding the seriousness of Covid-19, many of the Indian eCommerce companies like Ola, Zomato, Swiggy, HealthKart, etc have bent towards delivering the supply of essentials like groceries and medicines to the people.

Not only Indian but overseas business platforms like McDonald’s, Domino’s, Uber, Foodpanda, Amazon, Door Dash, Postmates, and many more are now also supplying groceries to people on demand and helping humanity during these tough times.

All the above food and grocery delivery e-commerce businesses are now exercising zero-contact or no-contact deliveries.


Introducing No-contact deliveries allow drivers to leave grocery, and other essentials on a doorstep to avoid a direct handoff.

How to Start Home Delivery Mobile App

With such a huge impact on the world economy, the eCommerce sector has the scope to grow its business during the COVID-19 crisis.

The panic and fear of being infected by coronavirus are restricting people to move out of their homes and buy groceries from local stores and supermarkets.

With each passing day, more and more people are downloading various home delivery mobile apps so that social distancing can be maintained.

During the recent reports, the average daily downloads and sales growths of various home delivery mobile apps have increased 10-20 times during each passing week of the COVID-19 outbreak.

Many entrepreneurs and business people are coming forward to play the best of their parts by starting their own Home Delivery System with the help of Home Delivery Mobile Applications.

Home Delivery mobile app in covid19

Features that Home Delivery Mobile Apps Must Have:

Before starting to set up an eCommerce business through the home delivery mobile app, you need to know the features that it should possess:

Home Delivery mobile app untitled-Frame
  • Easy order Management.
  • Better Management of delivery boys.
  • Easy update of the delivery status.
  • Quick allocation of the order to the delivery boys.
  • Easy tracking of orders.
  • Chat system to communicate among customers, delivery boys, and admin.
  • Track the status of delivery boys.
  • OTP verification of order while delivering.
  • Reviews and ratings for delivery boys.
  • Notifications for customer Orders.
  • Freedom for delivery boys to accept or decline any order.

Safety of customers and delivery boys is the first priority

Above all is the safety of customers and delivery boys. So the home delivery mobile app should also have a feature where delivery boys can have their self-assessment test.

Before picking up an order, delivery boys can perform the self-assessment test. If the delivery boy does not have symptoms of coronavirus then above his profile “you are safe” will display.

The delivery boys who are not safe and suspected to be infected will not be assigned any order. The customers will also be able to check if the delivery boys are safe or not.


The above features give an idea of how to start the home delivery mobile app in the present Covid-19 situation. Webkul offers home delivery mobile app development on various platforms to deal with the current pandemic situation.

Take care of your physical and mental health during COVID-19.
Stay Home. Stay Safe.😊

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