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    How to take care of mental health in COVID-19 outbreak?
    16 April 2020

    How to take care of mental health in COVID-19 outbreak?

    Are you struggling to deal with the mental health in COVID-19 outbreak?

    Well, I have found just the right solution⚡ for you.

    Yes, it’s petrifying how the world is affected by Coronavirus and we are amid worldwide pandemic. Being confined within the house can be stressful and hard to maintain your daily life balance with all the breaking news and frightening updates that we all receive from across the globe.

    During this hard time, it is important to take care of your physical health but your mental health in COVID-19 also holds the same concern. Your mental health is something which keeps you going and eventually makes your surrounding lighter and less stressful.

    The first and most important thing you need to do is try not to consume excess news. It’s a tough thing to do nowadays but you have already managed to look away and find something useful. So thumbs up👍🏻 for that.

    Let’s get started with the resources which will keep you engaged and remove the stress.

    1. Moodpath – Your mental health companion


    Moodpath was developed by a group of experts in Psychology.

    It acts as your daily companion which asks you to answer a question about your emotional well-being and eventually you can experience a positive effect on your daily life.

    We spend most of our time on the mobile app and they can be responsible for our mood changes. Moodpath acts like a saviour in the crowd which measures your responses and provide an insightful solution.

    2. Defonic


    According to Defonic, they create immersive soundscapes.

    Well, It’s true.👌

    Defonic app lets you create different noises with just a swipe of a finger. Defonic dynamically generates noise according to frequency and amplitude as sketched by the user. As easy as drawing a line.

    It’s fun and relaxing too. Definitely give it a go.

    3. Noisli – Your digital place for focus.


    Noisli provides a versatile mix of sounds from different environment to relax and maintain your work productivity. They have around 28 different sounds.

    Combos are one of the best features of Noisli which kills the monotony perfectly. The best part is you have a personalised combo which you can sync across different apps and can also share with your loved ones, giving you a reason to communicate and provide mental health in COVID-19 to your family.

    4. Headspace – Mindfulness for everyday life.


    Headspace is a perfectly complete package for a better and happy life.

    It provides you guided exercise in the form of audio and video. Also, you get to connect with the community of over 60 million and share your experiences.

    Headspace is the first we found that claims to provide you with a 16% increase in the happiness within 10days. Get your personal guide to mindfulness whether it is sleep, meditation or stress release.

    5. Calm


    Calm perfectly does what it says –

    “Find your Calm
    Sleep more. Stress less. Live better”

    Just a simple soothing app which lets you set goals with a variety of options from improving performance to reduce anxiety. Personalize your goals and feel the boost in your mental health in COVID-19.

    6. Coffitivity


    Missing out on office culture, the highly energetic coffee shop, the discussion room noise.

    Coffitivity covers it all.👍

    Coffitivity provides you with a variety of sounds ranging from morning murmur to brasil bistro. Just set your workstation, play the Coffitivity sound and you are in your favourite work zone.

    It simply increases your work productivity making you feel more confident and stressfree.

    7. Noizio


    Having trouble sleeping with all the random freighting thoughts?

    Well, Noizo is there for the rescue.

    It’s a perfect app that removes all the distractions from the surroundings and creates a perfect environment to lure you into sleep making it struggle free.
    And perfect sleep is something which is responsible for the phase of your upcoming day.

    That’s it for now 🖐️. I hope you have found a solution.
    My personal favourite is Moodpath. Tell me your’s in the comment section below.

    Take care of your physical and mental health in COVID-19.
    Stay Home. Stay Safe.😊

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