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    Sell Art Online

    Share your artistic works with online shoppers all around the world. Carve your name by starting a professional and attractive online presence!


    Turn your Artist into an Entrepreneur

    Aforetime, selling anything online, that to be ‘art’, was not easily accessible. The source of unknown artists’ bread and butter was small exhibitions with barely any audience. But since the ability to sell art online came into the limelight, the game changed.

    Many upcoming entrepreneurs (specifically millenniums) are up to take the risk. Replacing physical products with art to sell online. And with no surprise, it works.

    What’s most intriguing is the fact that the term ‘artist’ got no boundaries. An artist can put their hands on pictures, photographs, creative content, digital print downloads, and a lot more. The scope is bigger than it actually appears.

    One can choose to drop their 9-5 job and join the online artist community by opening an online art store with full-time dedication. Or, one can even side hustle with their 9 to 5 job in one hand & an online art store in the other.

    Shopify for Artists

    To be honest, Shopify is THE PLATFORM for artists & creative entrepreneurs simply because of the lowest ‘tech’ barrier. Not every artist is into coding stuff which makes the Shopify platform very easy to handle & work with. You don’t require to deal with hosting, uploading a theme or other tech-related stuff. Simply, add your artwork, get the audience & sell!

    Moreover, Shopify is as affordable as $29/month for their basic plan. Perfect your budding sellers. On top of all, their 14 days free trial period got your hand!

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    Why Shopify

    • As said before, the lowest ‘tech’ barrier.
    • Affordable with 14 days free trial period before committing to a plan.
    • Master the field with Shopify Academy: videos, tutorials, webinars, and ebooks to help you get the right track.
    • Over 2,500 Shopify apps if you want to go some extra miles.
    • Sync offline & online store (if any) with Shopify POS and track the sales and inventory on the go.
    • Over 70 customizable themes 

    💡 Browse Themes for Your Online Art Store:

    Shopify Themes

    Inspiring Shopify Online Art Stores


    According to Wikipedia: Maria Qamar is an artist and author of the book Trust No Aunty. Qamar was born in Pakistan.

    She got fame from her Instagram account and then she decided to take things to another level. Started an online art store using Shopify; selling merch like books, prints, apparel, tees & and a lot more with her designs. Growing & glowing since then!

    Check out her unique store: Hatecopy



    Raven Roxanne is an artist painting in her studio inside Cigar Factory located in Charleston, South Carolina. Along with that having an online store and shipping nationwide.

    Check out her website: Raven


    Curated Art Marketplace

    Use Shopify to sell artwork of other artists by turning your online store into a fully-fledged online art marketplace!
    You can simply add multiple artists to your store & ask them to upload their artwork to sell to your audience. Furthermore, earn a commission.

    📃 Further Reading

    How to create an exemplary Multi-Vendor Marketplace with Shopify?

    Multi-Vendor Marketplace has an add-on by the name Artist Product Design, using which you can create a marketplace for artists. Admin can create/add Artists on his store and let them add designs/artworks to sell.

    Over to you!

    Commence your Shopify free trial today & build your perfect art store!

    💡 Need Help?

    Moreover, you can drop your query at [email protected] or raise a ticket at Webkul UV Desk.

    Until next time. 👋

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