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Why consider Shopify, a SAAS based model as your eCommerce solution?

Updated 9 December 2019


Before answering this, let’s see what is SAAS?

SAAS or Software As A Service is a model delivering software on a subscription basis. It is all cloud-based and hence, you can access the software using your web browser on desktop or mobile.

Coming to the question, Why SAAS?

Working on a cloud-based approach or migrating your software to the Cloud is the future & necessity of Business Development.

If you put a highlight on the above-stated line, SAAS will be the perfect solution!

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Not only this, there are multiple good reasons for using SAAS, dropping some of them down:

  • As I said, you can access them anywhere, anytime using your web browser.

All you need is the Internet. (Don’t say if one doesn’t have access to the internet?; The Internet is used in our mundane life, mostly everyone has access to it!)

  • Test it before you get it!

SAAS based applications are usually present on a free trial period or some time at zero cost for the basic plans (just with few limitations though). Customers are free to explore & suit their need & business before committing to the service.

What’s better if the customers get to select the one they want before opening their wallets. Also, they’ll get to try & test as many software as they want using the free trial period.

  • Won’t burn your pockets.

Generally, they’re cheaper and fit your budget. Since they are on a subscription basis, plans are made keeping in mind the different business sizes & different merchants. Merchant can choose the plan which will hold his needs & budgets firmly.

  • Easy Integration.

They are easily integrated with other applications. Creating sync between different applications is easy in case of SAAS based platforms. Merchants can take help of different applications to enhance his business needs.

  • Perks of Customer Service

Not only apps & tools but you’ll get customer service as a bonus. They provide the best care & assistance on every level. The merchant doesn’t need to manage the software or hardware, it is all taken care of by the providers.

  • No Commitment.

Unlike other software providers, you’ll not be under any contract for their services. Here, you pay monthly, yearly or half-yearly and can ditch them whenever you’ll feel it.

eCommerce: A SAAS Application

Managing an eCommerce platform sounds easy but it’s not. The merchant needs to measure all the dimensions from taking care of the inventories, deliveries, returns to managing customers needs & support.

So, what should we seek before selecting a platform for starting our eCommerce store?

  • Easily integrated with other applications.
  • The store is for customers more than for the Merchant, so, it should be user-friendly & interactive.
  • Has good reviews, obviously.
  • Lastly, you have to make sure that you don’t need to pay through the nose!

Shopify is one such platform which is covering all these dimensions in the best way possible.

Platforms like Shopify are constantly making themselves up to steal a slice of cake. Whereas, large platforms like Amazon are looking for ways how they can save themselves from sharing it.

Shopify Pricing Plans

Shopify has mainly three plans which come with 14 days free trial period.

Basic Shopify: USD $29/month (With all the basics for starting a new business). You can create two staff accounts with a 2% transaction fee.

Shopify: USD $79/month (Everything you need for a growing business). You can create five staff accounts with 1% transaction fee.

Advance Shopify: USD $299/month (Advanced features for scaling your business). You can create 15 staff accounts with 0.5% transaction fee.

Also, Shopify does have two other plans namely Shopify Gold (Useful for large businessesShopify Lite (mainly for selling on facebook with a chat with customer facilities).

Why Shopify is leading in today’s market?

What’s most attracting about Shopify is their holy grail hack (or better said a bait), i.e., their 14-days Free Trial Period.

Create your online store today with Shopify

They know their audience and moreover, they know human nature.

They know that humans tend to bark up the wrong tree. Hence, Shopify gives buyers peace of mind by not charging them until their trial ends. So, even if the customers don’t feel like going for it, they go. They try! They give it a chance even if at the end they’ll be proved wrong.

It’s a commendable strategy though!

Let’s understand what’s more to the free-trial strategy through an example.

Consider a Merchant, doesn’t matter if he is a newbie in the eCommerce ecosystem or an experienced one, goes for the 14-days free trial period. At the end of 14-days, he must have done a lot like,

  • Merchant must have added products on his store,
  • Set a theme for his store,
  • Customized it in the best way he wants (just like he ever wanted to),
  • and, organized & explored every bit of it.

Simply, the Merchant will do the best of both the worlds to design the store. After all these efforts & time that he has given to the store, he might think at least twice before shutting it down.

So, if you as a company are able to put this tiny thought in your customer’s head then you are already a step ahead of all. In simple terms, Shopify’s free trial concept is working for them.

Best Ecommerce Platform in India Custom Ecommerce Software for Your Needs Shopify

Apart from all these, Shopify has a lot of features that benefits its users that is why they are growing at this pace.

According to SimilarWeb’s Top Business Website Ranking, Shopify labels on the top.

Top Business Services Websites in the world

Why you should consider Shopify?

  • Since Shopify is a SAAS based system, therefore, you don’t need to cure the headache of maintaining the server. Simply pay for it & use it.
  • Wide range of subscription plans to suit a wide range of merchants. Shopify got 5 different subscription plans, i.e., Shopify Lite, Shopify Basic, Shopify, Shopify Advance & Shopify Plus. Each one made after considering different business sizes, needs & merchant budgets.
  • Customize store with a variety of paid & free Shopify themes.
  • Manage products, orders, inventories without any coding requirement.
  • Add multiple sales channels with simple integration steps & grow your business on different platforms like Instagram, Facebook, Pinterest, etc.
  • They provide you unlimited bandwidth & this is a plus point.
  • A substantial amount of apps to integrate with your store.
  • An ample amount of guidance from their customer support services.
  • A treasure of Shopify Blogs to learn & grow your eCommerce business.
  • Multi-Vendor Integration which is soo on the peak. Check-out the Multi-Vendor Marketplace for Shopify, letting you convert your Shopify store into a fully-fledged marketplace with the flexibility to add unlimited sellers & products. Also, easy integration with different platforms.

These are just the filtered pros of using Shopify, it has much more to give to its users.

Ecommerce Software Online Store Builder POS Free 14 day Trial by Shopify

Reference: Shopify

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