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How to create a category in shopware 6?

Updated 13 August 2021


In this blog you will learn about “how to Create a category in Shopware 6”.

In the simple description, Shopware provides functionality in which you can create the category under the catalogue menu. But at a time you can show individual categories in front-store.

Shopware is a leading Germany based e-commerce platform. it is an open-source eCommerce framework. Till the date, platform has received more than 80 thousand users.

Create a Simple Shopware Category

Here you will learn how to create a category in shopware 6. For creating the category in Shopware, you have to go to the Shopware 6 Dashboard and click on the Catalogues menu.


The Catalog Menu provides easy access to Shopware Category creation. Here click on a category then right-click on Catalogue and select New category before. Here provide the category name which you want to give.

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Now click activate the category after that click on save button to save the category.


Create Shopware Subcategory

To create the shopware subcategory, First click on the category and select a new subcategory option. After that create the subcategory. Then activate the subcategory after that click on the save button to save the subcategory.


Category overview

  • New category before: Creates a new category on the same level before the selected category.
  • New category after: Creates a new category on the same level after the selected category.
  • Subcategory: Creates a new category a level below the selected category.
  • Edit: Opens the display on the right side for editing the selected category.
  • Delete: Deletes the selected category including all subordinate categories.

Add category in Sales channel

Now move to the Store under the Sales channel. Here search your category which one you have created. And then add in Entry point main navigation field. After that click on the Save button.



Then go to the Front end and refresh the page to see the changes.


Above you can see the categories which one you have added.

That’s all about how to add the category.

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