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    How to add a custom button in magento2 admin grid

    In the Create Grid , Edit/Add Grid Row And Installer In Magento2 blog we created an simple Grid module but now we are going to add a custom button “Send Mail” to custom grid in magento2, on which chick we just show an form in popup which will be responsible to send an custom email to customer.

    For this we will need to follow some simple steps-

    1. Add customer_listing.xml file to your module in path –  app/code/Webkul/Grid/view/adminhtml/ui_component/customer_listing.xml and add a custom button in this file
      <?xml version="1.0" encoding="UTF-8"?>
      <listing xmlns:xsi="" xsi:noNamespaceSchemaLocation="urn:magento:module:Magento_Ui:etc/ui_configuration.xsd">
          <columns name="customer_columns">
              <actionsColumn name="send_mail" class="Webkul\Grid\Ui\Component\Listing\Columns\Sendmail">
                  <argument name="data" xsi:type="array">
                      <item name="config" xsi:type="array">
                          <item name="component" xsi:type="string">Webkul_Grid/js/grid/columns/sendmail</item>
                          <item name="indexField" xsi:type="string">entity_id</item>
                          <item name="sortable" xsi:type="boolean">false</item>
                          <item name="label" xsi:type="string" translate="true">Send Mail</item>
                          <item name="sortOrder" xsi:type="number">13</item>
    2. As we want to show an form on click on this custom “Send Mail” button , now we need to create a ui component class Webkul\Grid\Ui\Component\Listing\Columns\Sendmail –
      namespace Webkul\Grid\Ui\Component\Listing\Columns;
      use Magento\Framework\UrlInterface;
      use Magento\Framework\View\Element\UiComponent\ContextInterface;
      use Magento\Framework\View\Element\UiComponentFactory;
      use Magento\Ui\Component\Listing\Columns\Column;
      class Sendmail extends Column
           * @var UrlInterface
          protected $urlBuilder;
           * Constructor
           * @param ContextInterface $context
           * @param UiComponentFactory $uiComponentFactory
           * @param UrlInterface $urlBuilder
           * @param array $components
           * @param array $data
          public function __construct(
              ContextInterface $context,
              UiComponentFactory $uiComponentFactory,
              UrlInterface $urlBuilder,
              array $components = [],
              array $data = []
          ) {
              $this->urlBuilder = $urlBuilder;
              parent::__construct($context, $uiComponentFactory, $components, $data);
           * Prepare Data Source
           * @param array $dataSource
           * @return array
          public function prepareDataSource(array $dataSource)
              if (isset($dataSource['data']['items'])) {
                  $fieldName = $this->getData('name');
                  foreach ($dataSource['data']['items'] as & $item) { 
                      $item[$fieldName . '_html'] = "<button class='button'><span>Send Mail</span></button>";
                      $item[$fieldName . '_title'] = __('Please enter a message that you want to send to customer');
                      $item[$fieldName . '_submitlabel'] = __('Send');
                      $item[$fieldName . '_cancellabel'] = __('Reset');
                      $item[$fieldName . '_customerid'] = $item['entity_id'];
                      $item[$fieldName . '_formaction'] = $this->urlBuilder->getUrl('grid/customer/sendmail');
              return $dataSource;
    3. Now we will need to create a js file sendmail.js in path app/code/Webkul/Grid/view/base/web/js/grid/columns/ which we are using in this custom button.
      ], function (Column, $, mageTemplate, sendmailPreviewTemplate) {
          'use strict';
          return Column.extend({
              defaults: {
                  bodyTmpl: 'ui/grid/cells/html',
                  fieldClass: {
                      'data-grid-html-cell': true
              gethtml: function (row) {
                  return row[this.index + '_html'];
              getFormaction: function (row) {
                  return row[this.index + '_formaction'];
              getCustomerid: function (row) {
                  return row[this.index + '_customerid'];
              getLabel: function (row) {
                  return row[this.index + '_html']
              getTitle: function (row) {
                  return row[this.index + '_title']
              getSubmitlabel: function (row) {
                  return row[this.index + '_submitlabel']
              getCancellabel: function (row) {
                  return row[this.index + '_cancellabel']
              preview: function (row) {
                  var modalHtml = mageTemplate(
                          html: this.gethtml(row), 
                          title: this.getTitle(row), 
                          label: this.getLabel(row), 
                          formaction: this.getFormaction(row),
                          customerid: this.getCustomerid(row),
                          submitlabel: this.getSubmitlabel(row), 
                          cancellabel: this.getCancellabel(row), 
                          linkText: $.mage.__('Go to Details Page')
                  var previewPopup = $('<div/>').html(modalHtml);
                      title: this.getTitle(row),
                      innerScroll: true,
                      modalClass: '_image-box',
                      buttons: []}).trigger('openModal');
              getFieldHandler: function (row) {
                  return this.preview.bind(this, row);
    4. Now we have to create a template file sendmail.html in path app/code/Webkul/Grid/view/base/web/templates/grid/cells/customer/ which we are using in the above js file to create an send mail form
      <form id="send-mail-form-<%- customerid %>" method="get" enctype="multipart/form-data" action="<%- formaction %>">
          <div class="modal-body">
              <div class="bootbox-body">
                  <textarea class="bootbox-input bootbox-input-text form-control required-entry" name="send_message" rows="4" cols="83"></textarea>
                  <input type="hidden" name="entity_id" value="<%- customerid %>">         
          <div class="modal-footer">
              <span class="error"></span>
              <button type="reset" class="btn btn-default"><span><%- cancellabel %></span></button>
              <button type="submit" class="btn btn-primary"><span><%- submitlabel %></span></button>
              <span class="clear"></span>
    5. now you will see a custom button “Send Mail” is added in the magento2 customer grid as shown in the given screenshot-custom_buttonon click on “Send Mail” button you will see a form in popup which will be responsible to send a custom mail to customer.sendmailSo in this way you can add any custom button or any custom column like action link, image to any grid in magento2.

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  • Avinash S
    Hi ,
    i am creating custom form in magento 2 admin. I need to show div with form fields when i click show button in magento 2 admin shown like below screen shot.
    • Webkul Support
      In this case you will need to call custom js file in your form xml file like-

      and in custom-form-popup.js file you will need to open a popup model on click on “Add Special Reward” .
      I hope this will help you out.
      Thanks & Regards,
      Pooja Sahu
      Webkul Software

      • Avinash S
        thanks for replay, here i need to multiple div like the same and i want to save all the data in database. How to do this in magento 2
        • Webkul Support
          Hi, for this we will try to add the blog in future. Thanks
  • Rajesh
    Popup form values did not send to customer email, but i need to send values to the specific customer email
  • Dhaval Mistry
    Is there any other way excluding UI Component?
  • Yohanes Pradono
    how does magento know that it should include sendmail.js?
  • Niteen Barde
    How to use phtml file for popup content. As this tutorial is using only html file.
  • jurgen
    Hello, your example works great.
    If I need to add “Send Mail” with this popup form button not only in customer grid, but also in Customer View, wich way I could do this?
  • Pooja Sahu
    Hello, if you are adding some js code in your html template then it will not be working properly and in this case js will be running only for the first time but then it will not be working (which is happening in your case).
    And if you will see the sendmail.js in this post then you will see that this will only prepare a html preview model. May be now you understand the issue.
  • Deva Kamble
    I have followed all above steps for my requirements.

    I have added date-piker on popup. But when I close and open it again. Then date-piker not working.
    Date-piker works only first time appearance.

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