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    Hotel Booking POS

    Introduction- Hotel POS

    When the Hotel Booking POS comes in the picture, there are lots of things come across. As hotels have always worked hand-in-hand to provide complete hospitality to the customers.

    However, the billing operations in the hotels are a bit more complex than others. In the hotel, there are multiple things on which the customers spend during their stay in the hotel. For that, an integrated bill is required based on the room numbers.

    Now, before emphasizing more, let’s discuss the POS and the importance of the POS.

    POS and It’s Importance

    Nowadays, having an effective Point Of Sale System for hotels is very important. Some of the Major importance of an effective POS system within the hotel are:

    • It helps to increase the operational efficiency of the hotel.
    • Improves customer service.
    • Inventory and tracking management.
    • Accuracy in accounting
    • It provides a fast check out experience to the customers.
    • Helps in managing customer data.

    By seeing the requirements of the customer nowadays, it’s clear that shortly, we will see enormous growth in adaption the POS system for the businesses.

    Point of Sale system business has proved to be a long-term initiative and has the potential to grow faster than other businesses.

    Let’s discuss further more points in details which are required for the hotel booking POS.

    Booking Methods for Hotel

    In today’s era hotel booking is just a matter of a few clicks or few calls. Mainly there are two distinct sources for the hotel booking and they are through:

    • Online Sources
    • Offline Sources

    Online Booking

    Any booking which are done through online sources such as through various media sources or through the hotel websites is stated as online booking.

    Online bookings are also done directly to the hotels or through the agents. When the booking is done through the agents it states as indirect booking.

    Offline Booking

    Many people do hotel booking through the phone call or by visiting the hotel. In the offline booking, the toughest part is to manage the inventory as it creates the real-time syncing issue.

    So having an effective hotel POS system can solve this issue. It helps to update the inventories in real-time.

    Now, have a look on the below topics that come along with the hotel booking POS.

    Transaction and Inventories

    These days, the hotels are having their own Food and Beverage outlets. Since most of the people stay in the hotel for a long duration, they prefer to have their meals from the hotel F&B outlets only.

    Apart from the F&B outlets, nowadays the hotel has an option of room service and mini-bars as well.

    So there are many places where a guest can spend and it means a greater number of places to keep track of and account for at the time of final bill generation.

    So the hotel POS must be capable to keep the record of all the transactions and inventories for each room and it will include all the ordered food and the extra charges which are charged on every customer.

    Fast and Effective

    Nobody these days want to wait for a long time, neither do the customers. So having a fast POS system for the hotels is very important.

    If the hoteliers are having the manual billing system, then it could cause inconvenience to the customers, when they want the early checkout from the hotel.

    The POS system for the hotels must be fast and effective in such a way that it computes and calculates all the expenses of the customers more effectively and accurately. 

    It allows the staff to make the most of the checkout experience to engage customers and make sure they leave with a good impression.

    Importance of Channel Manager for hoteliers

    Nowadays, the hotel industry is expanding very exponentially. So Channel Manager is very important for all the hoteliers. It helps to push the room inventory and price updates on various third party websites in real-time. It provides hassle-free updates.

    There are various benefits for the channel manager for the hotels. Some of them are below:

    Real-time updates on channels

    It helps to update the rates and inventory for the selected days immediately on the connected channels. It leads to a decrease in the overbooking and rate variance issue.

    Mapping of the hotel rooms

    The mapping of the rooms in different room types leads to achieving different rates accordingly.

    Detailed business performance

    The hotel channel management software has a complete data analysis tool that helps to calculate and show real-time business performance on the connected channels.

    Manage Online Travel Agency promotions

    The channel manager also helps to manage the OTA promotions on various booking websites such as, Airbnb, etc directly from the system.

    Webkul provides a solution for such management via its Quickbook Connector based on a different platform.

    Hence, this plugin will allow the integration of data from all sources into the POS for the sales agent to manage to efficiently.

    Integration Accounting Softwares 

    The integration of accounting software for the hotel POS adds more perk to it as it accumulates all the costs of the customer and generates an accurate bill for them.

    The POS keeps the track of all the inventories and the transactions of the customers who are staying in the hotel. The hotel accounting is one of the most important areas to focus on.

    There are various benefits of using accounting software for hotel POS:

    • Accurate bill generation.
    • Fast and reliable.
    • Simple data entry process.

    Headless PWA for Hotel Booking POS

    Having a Progressive Web Application for the hotel booking POS adds much ease in hotel management.

    As the hotel booking POS is complex in terms of management, so having a headless PWA solution will a great option for the hotel staff. They can update the order of the room, entries of the rooms, etc. very easily from anywhere anytime.

    That’s all for Hotel Booking POS. If you are having any queries or doubts or suggestion then please add a ticket at the HelpDesk System.

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