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    Chatwhizz – Best techniques for conducting a virtual meeting while working remotely.

    In this particular blog, you will be aware about the Best techniques for conducting a virtual meeting while working remotely with the chatwhizz.

    More than just enabling a virtual face-to-face conference is possible with the top video conferencing software Chatwhizz.

    They allow you to share what’s on your screen with the rest of the conversation and smoothly hand over management of the meeting to another person.

    Introduction Of Chatwhizz

    Chatwhizz connects you with your team, client and staff etc no matter from where they are sitting or working.

    Chatwhizz allows you to transfer the information along with media to the others involved in the project or conversation.

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    The following suggestions and ideas will help you get the most out of the app so you can work, learn, and connect with others remotely.

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    Why is working remotely in demand?

    People with remote jobs have more options for where they stay, eliminating the need to live near large metropolitan city centres in order to optimise their employment opportunities.

    Remote workers are taking advantage of their new location independence as more companies allow employees to work from home on a permanent basis.

    In the corporate sector, Covid-19 boost the work from home and gives the positive output just because of proper communication channels like Chatwhizz and the coordination between the teams.

    The pandemic dilemma has driven educational systems all across the world to seek out alternatives to face-to-face communication.

    As a result, teachers and students have used the online teaching-learning process in huge numbers.

    Chatwhizz - Best techniques for conducting a virtual meeting while working remotely.

    Top participant in working remotely during the pandemic.

    In the pandemic Covid-19, The whole world is inside the four walls and working at their own end and managing the things whether it was a job, study or a business.

    The most involved profiles are Teachers, Students, House-wifes, employees, and e-commerce.

    Everyone is doing their best for the living as there is no other way to work except virtually.

    Top features of chatwhizz are.

    Best Techniques For Conducting A Virtual Meeting

    Instant Audio & Video Call Techniques :

    Performing activities sitting far from the office is not an easy task for the employees.

    The employees who need to solve or discuss with the others need instant professional call (audio & video).

    Calling makes your message clear and gives you the result instant that will help you to do work on time.

    Screen Recording Techniques :

    Yes, it’s true official face to face meetings are much easier and more convenient in understanding and clarifying the concepts.

    but after the introduction of chat software like Chatwhizz and other applications.

    To remind the full concept or sharing with someone recorded video can help you a lot. It can be proof of commitment from the employee or the client.

    Meeting Reminder Techniques:

    This feature has a lot of benefits that will help you become more productive and organise your personal and business life.

    Attend the meeting on time and give the client a reminder the saving time for both.

    Chatwhizz - Best techniques for conducting a virtual meeting while working remotely.

    There are many apps available in the market that provide you with the reminder but Chatwhizz allows remind the client

    Collect information from attendees:

    Conducting meetings virtually during the worst situation in the world but as an employee, you have to collect the data and virtually it is possible

    The meeting or the conference can be related to the discussion about the work or the assignment and collecting the data over the meeting is also possible for the attendees.

    Schedule conference for the client:

    Email is one of the most efficient and well-organized modes of communication. Unlike texting, phone calls, or social media instant messaging, email makes it simple to keep track of messages. There are numerous other advantages of scheduling an conference by email

    This feature makes your work professional and easy, as this allows your client to schedule a conference as per a comfort time slot.


    Thus, that’s all about Chatwhizz – The best techniques for conducting a virtual meeting while working remotely. If you have any issues, please feel free to add a ticket  [email protected].and let us know your views at our HelpDesk System

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