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Top Functions Of Chat Software

Updated 21 April 2023

In this particular blog, you will get to know about the functions that a chat software/ app must have.

Let’s take the example of Chatwhizz as it’s the most trending software for chat in organizations. ChatWhizz is the best way of connecting people in the corporate world nowadays. The journey of Chatwhizz is going at the top of the market after introducing such amazing add-ons to the module.

Chatwhizz offers you a variety of options to communicate with the world and grow your business.

To know more about Chatwhizz and its functions of Chatwhizz.


Reasons For Choosing ChatWhizz

The list is given below :

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  • Internal Communicationn.
  • Group Chat.
  • live Chat.
  • Bot Chat.
  • Ticket Creation.
  • Conference Scheduling.
  • Screen Recording.
  • Calls.
    • Video Calls.
    • Audio Calls.
  • Screen Sharing.
  • Call logs.

ChatWhizz is not about only chatting its all about presenting ideas, thoughts, and information in an easy and quick way, some features and add-ons are

The above list is all about the top feature of Chatwhizz with the easy navigation and support

Internal Communication:

To make communication easy in organizations, most organizations use different types of software and apps for communicating and Chatwhizz is one of the software with interactive features.

With the help of Chatwhizz, you can simply connect with the other employees of the organization in just one click.

chat software

Group Chat:

In every organization, there are some different departments, and not the only department it can be project-wise to communicate. Chatwhizz allows you to make different groups and add employees to those groups and start sharing information.

chat software

live Chat:

The most trending feature s in e-commerce is live chat support nowadays. Giving live chat support to the client is the best step that existing customers are looking for which gives customers hope and relaxation. To know more about the live chat feature of ChatWhizz.


Bot Chat:

In Chatwhizz, there is an option for auto-response, where as an admin you set some questions and answer those questions and child questions for the same. and at the front end, it will show you the set of questions and answers to selected options.

chat software

To know more about the bot chat feature of Chatwhizz..

Ticket Creation:

Creating a ticket for the client is the best way to connect with the client for a long, Chatwhizz gives you the option to create a ticket for the client from the live chat section. client can


Conference Scheduling:

This feature is basically different from the instant meeting, so you can use this feature for the client to fix a call/conference in the future and a link with credentials will be delivered to the client’s mail so that he/she can join the conference.

chat software

Conference Reminder.

The best and the most amazing feature of the Chatwhizz is the conference reminder which helps you to remind the conference date and time, this addons will remind you regarding the conference before it gets started.

chat software

Screen Recording:

Yes! it’s possible to record your screen activity and then share it with someone so that you can easily share the information via file or link.

To know more about screen recording.

chat software


Just like the other chatting software, Chatwhizz also allows you to make audio as well as video call and connect with the other user

chat software

Screen Sharing:

screen sharing feature, which you can use while you are on call and need to show your screen for guidance or to show some presentation to the participants online.

chat software

Call logs.

Chatwhizz allows you to track the call logs of the employees. so that you can maintain and check the call history of a user.



Thus, that’s all about the top functions of ChatWhizz.  If you have any issues, please feel free to write a mail to [email protected] and let us know your views at our HelpDesk System.

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