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Chatwhizz: How to add a chatbot to Shopify

Updated 21 April 2023

In this blog, we will show you how you can create a chatbot feature using chatwhizz in Shopify.

A chatbot is a technology that used in conversation or to convey information, which acts like a human. It’s based on (AI) Artificial Intelligence. The conversational capabilities of a chatbot that operates under a set of rules.

However, in the support system of any organization, the caller needs to answer many questions before connecting with the executive, as it took extra time to recognize the motive.

chatbot to Shopify

Types Of Chatbots

Rule-based Chatbots:

This chatbot may be the right answer for you if you can anticipate the types of queries your clients will ask. If/then logic is use by rules-based chatbots to build conversational flows.

You must first establish the language requirements for your chatbots. Conditions can be set to evaluate the words, their order, synonyms, and other factors.

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If the inbound enquiry meets the conditions set by your chatbot, your clients will receive prompt assistance.

Intellectually Independent Chatbots:

These bots that are built on machine learning are known as intellectually chatbots. These bots depend on giving a neural network with thousands.

They get better with time and are primarily make use for entertainment and science.

Voice chatbot:

The best examples of these types of are Siri and Google Alexa, which hear the command and respond accordingly.

AI-powered Chatbots:

A chatbot that simulates human communication by using voice commands, text messages, or both. A chatbot, is sometimes known as a chatterbot.

It is an artificial intelligence (AI) tool that can be integrate into and utilised with any major messaging service.

Why Chatbot?

There are several reasons for adopting chatbots into the business. Every single business or entity is introducing the AI feature.

Multiple Customer Handling:

As per the records, chatbots are much better in handling many customers at one time and giving instant replies to the client, which helps in holding the client

24*7 Support:

The introduction of the chatbots into the business will provide 24*7 availability of support to the client and respond to the client immediately

Workforce Reduction:

Once you enable the bot chat feature, there will be less requirement of the human in the interaction as compared to the traditional way of giving support to the client.

Professional Conversation:

As there are various predefined and automated responses from the bot side, which definitely gives the client professional experience and confidence.

ELiminated the Human Task:

Yes! this technology eliminated the human task and save time which can be beneficial for the organisation as well as employees so that they can use their talent on another task as well.

Less expensive:

If we compare recruiting to onboarding of staff (employees) will cost you so much in time and money. Even giving training to them will take time but in the case of introducing chatbots into the business will take only installation and configuration time and effort.

How To Create Chatbot In Shopify

To create a chatbot in the Shopify marketplace by using Chatwhizz, in Chatwhizz there is an option available for the chatbot so in this, we will tell you how to use that feature and enhance your business.

Firstly, the live chat feature of Chatwhizz must be active only after that you can enable auto-response (chatbot), to know more about Chatwhizz installation kindly check this link.

The admin needs to follow the path Installed add-ons > live chat support > Domain > View > General configuration.

Enable the feature of auto-response and click on the save button.

chatbot to Shopify

NOTE: Also enable the need registration for the user else it will be very difficult to get the customer name and mail for the executive.

After that, you will get an auto-response option tab on the left side of the panel. Admin needs to go to auto-response tab and set question and question & answer for the questions and so on.

chatbot to Shopify

In the below image you can check the admin can set of child questions and answers of questions (Do you want to purchase marketplace add-ons?)

chatbot to Shopify

After the successful setting up of the configuration, the auto-response feature of the front end will be the same as the one shown in the given image.

The client need to register on the live chat after that question will display as set by the admin.

chatbot to Shopify

Once the client registration is done, the set of questions will display as shown below in the image.

chatbot to Shopify

In the given image client select the question “Do you want to purchase marketplace add-ons?” and got the answer and child question for the same.



Thus, that’s all about the Chatwhizz Live- Botchat. If you have any issues, please feel free to write a mail to [email protected] and let us know your views at our HelpDesk System.

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