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Chatwhizz: How can I add a live chat feature to my Shopify store?

Updated 21 April 2023

In the Era of this technology, Chatwhizz live chat support gives you an option to interact with the client instantly.

Customers can get help using Chatwhizz- live chat support with the function of instant messaging as well as instant call. It occurs on a one-to-one basis, frequently through a company’s website.

live chat support systems solve client problems before they get out of hand moreover it ensure that Customer service operations are being scaled significantly.

Customers can connect live with us when they require any assistance. Customers can contact an agent by clicking a button on many company websites

Please Note – To use this live chat add on, you must have a Chatwhizz account.

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Installation of the add on:

To install the live chat system on your Shopify store, kindly create a successful account on the chatwhizz.

ive chat feature to my Shopify store

After the successful creation of the account and log in you will land on the admin panel of the chatwhizz.


Once you logged in, you need to buy a plan as per the requirement of your business. After that, you can easily access the chatwhizz account features depending on your selected plan.


Once the admin set the chatwhizz configuration, now it’s time to install the live chat feature, for that need to go admin panel > addons > Live-Chat Support.


Clicking on the install button, the Live-Chat Support plan page will open admin need to buy a plan to use this amazing feature.


Configuration Of The Add On.

Afterwards, the successful installation of the Live-Chat Support, the admin is able to view the Live-Chat Support configuration setting under Admin > Installed add ons > Live-Chat Support.

Let us explain all the importance of all the fields one by one-


The store on which you want to add the Live- Chat Support feature. Admin can also check the list of all domains.


Add new – Admin can create new domain minimum one or maximum as per mentioned in the activated plan. After clicking on the new domain new window will open, check the below image for that.


Domain Name – Domain Name include your store Url  (Please do not include http://, https:// in the domain)

Primary Email – Email should be active.

Domain Status – Admin can enable and disable the status of the domain from here.

How to add Live-chat widget on your store front end?

After successfully creating a domain admin need to configure the store front end configuration.

Copy the Embed the chatwhizz chat widget code and paste it into your Shopify store liquid files.

For that admin need to go chatwhizz Admin > Installed add ons > Live-Chat Support > Domains > domains details.


Admin need to follow the path Store > online store > themes > actions > edit code > theme. liquid and paste the code just above the </body>, at the end and paste the code.



In the live chat configuration, operators are the only ones who are eligible to accept the client chat.

If the admin wants someone to accept the client chat then first need to create them as an operator after that they will accept the chat.

NOTE: After creating operator admin must assign  an operator into the domain only after that operator will get the client chat.

live chat feature to my Shopify store

Admin can add new operators in two ways.

Create New

The new operator will only have client chat access if the user is set as no.

live chat feature to my Shopify store

First name – Admin can enter the first name of the operator.

Last Name – Store owner can enter the last name of the operator.

Email ID – Email ID of the operator for the registration.

Status – owner can enable /disable the

Primary Department – Admin can assign a particular department to the operator.

User – Store owner can make operator as a user also by setting the user as YES and if not then set as NO.

The New Operators View

The new operator has only client chat access only as shown in the below image.

live chat feature to my Shopify store

After setting as YES the new options will appear.


Can Create Group – Admin can allow the operator to create a group or not.

Can Create Conference – Admin can allow the operator to create a conference or not.

Expertise – Admin can add expertise also.

About – Admin can add information about team members.

The New Operator with User options View

The existing user has chat, group and conference access as per the admin choice.

live chat feature to my Shopify store

Add From Existing User

Admin can add operator from the existing user also, by just entering the name of the user.


Note: The admin have to assign at least one

Front end view at the client side

The live chat feature will appear on the bottom right or left side as per the configuration of the site as shown in the below image.



Thus, that’s all about the Chatwhizz Live-Chat feature. If you have any issues, please feel free to write a mail to [email protected] and let us know your views at our HelpDesk System.

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