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    Case Study Souq Dental

    Souq Dental – M-Commerce adoption by the first dental online marketplace in Saudi Arabia

    Platform OpenCart
    Industry Health
    Country Saudi Arabia

    Souq Dental is the first online marketplace for dental supplies in Saudi Arabia. It supplies all kinds of products like tools, materials, consumables etc. Souq Dental is the one-stop shop for all licensed local companies in Saudi Arabia.

    Souq Dental is having more than 15000 registered products in different categories to fulfil the needs. It is associated with more than 150 manufacturers supplying products in the respective available categories.

    Souq Dental Homepage

    Souq Dental is providing professional customer service, the best prices, and fast delivery, and ensures that the customer receives the highest quality. At Souq Dental a specialized team works around the clock to take care of customer requests.

    Souq Dental offers a wide range of products, dental supplies and clinic supplies on one platform at discounted prices. Products such as composites, drilling and polishing spikes, all kinds of dental tools, fast and slow handpieces, materials for taking sizes and prints, and many more.

    eCommerce in Saudi Arabia

    As per Statista the total revenue of the eCommerce market in Saudi Arabia will reach the mark of US$12.19bn in 2022. Revenue is expected to show an annual growth rate (CAGR 2022-2025) of 18.80%, resulting in a projected market volume of US$20.44bn by 2025.

    User penetration is also increasing in Saudi Arabia which. By 2025 the number of users in Saudi Arabia will reach up to 26.4m. currently the user penetration is 61.5% in 2022 and is expected to hit 70.9% by 2025.

    Source: Statista

    The revenue of Health, Beauty and Personal & Household care will reach around 3.79m by 2025 in Saudi Arabia. And it shows the possibilities of online health products to increase the share in the total eCommerce.

    What encourages the adoption of m-commerce?

    Mobile acts as a backbone of communication devices. The number of users who are using mobile is increasing day by day. And in general, the interaction with the mobile device is very high as compared to desktop.

    Further, the on the go interaction with the mobile device is one of the key contributors to the popularity of mobile devices. And due to this, the organizations want to utilize this general behaviour by adopting m-commerce for their business.


    Which the help of a mobile application for the website, the business is able to get more interaction from its users. And it leads to a higher number of conversions. Apart from that, it allows the business to target individual customers as well for different marketing campaigns.

    How does Webkul help the Souq Dental team?

    The eCommerce Manager of Souq Dental Mr Anas Habrah contacted Webkul to develop an eCommerce marketplace. Especially, he is looking to implement some unique requirements as per their business model.

    We collect all the requirements and developed Souq Dental on top of Opencart Multi Vendor Marketplace. And make different modifications to the existing system as per their specific business needs.

    Also, Mr Anas Habrah, looking for a mobile application as well for the marketplace. So that, the customers, as well as sellers, can use the app to interact with the marketplace.

    Marketplace overview

    After successful implementation, the product page is as below picture on the website :

    Product Page

    Here, the information of the seller is available for the customer to check which seller is selling this product. Therefore, it provides an option to the customers to purchase the product from their trusted sellers.

    Also, the seller information is available on the cart page as well. Further, Opencart Marketplace allows the checkout of multiple sellers at a time.

    Cart Page

    Mobile application overview

    After the development, the mobile application screens are as per the below images :

    Home Page Screen
    Categories Screen
    Sub Categories Screen
    All Brands Screen
    Brand Products Screen
    My Account Screen
    Create Account Screen
    Product Screen
    Cart Screen
    Shipping Method Screen
    Payment Method Screen
    Checkout Summary Screen

    RTL (Arabic) support in the mobile application

    Souq Dental is a multilingual website. It supports English and Arabic as well. Its target area is Arabic hence they are looking for a mobile application that supports the Arabic language.

    Opencart Multi Vendor Mobile App supports multiple languages. Hence, it is implemented in the mobile application.

    Below are the images for the different sections of the mobile application :

    My Account Screen
    Catalogue Screen
    Product Screen

    Whatsapp integration in the mobile application

    Whatsapp is one of the most popular means of communication. Hence, by doing its integration into the mobile application, a user can easily initiate the communication with the store.

    My Account Screen
    Whatsapp App Screen

    Final Words

    Souq Dental is built to help the community to provide reliable products which are used in the dental care industry. And it is continuously doing the same and will do in the future as well.

    Further, mobile applications play a key role in digital transformation. Therefore, more businesses are adopting the same to enter into the digital commerce arena.

    Mr Anas left us a review as well on the basis of the services received by the Webkul in the process to launch their dream marketplace :

    Best Opencart Apps, it is the best Opencart Mobile Application especially compatibiliy, design and features.
    Anas (M) Habrah
    eCommerce Manager
    Saudi Arabia
    Disclaimer – Please note all the images and content used in this article belong to their respective copyright owners. If you have any issues or complaints related to this article, please send us an email at [email protected].
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