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Case Study BonbonRose

BonbonRose – Swiss Sex Toy Shop Transform to an Online Marketplace

Platform Adobe Commerce
Industry Health
Country Switzerland

BonbonRose is an online Swiss sex shop founded in 2007 that sells sex toys, lingerie, and erotic accessories.


BonbonRose provides in-home party events where trained representatives showcase and offer consultations on lingerie and intimate products in a comfortable setting.

This case study examines how BonbonRose was able to increase its online presence by using Magento development services.

Global Sex Toys Market

According to Grand View Research, In 2022, the market for sex toys was estimated to be worth USD 32.7 billion worldwide.

Additionally, from 2023 to 2030, it is projected to rise at a compound annual growth rate (CAGR) of 8.50%.

As novelty adult goods become more and more popular across all age groups hence they are starting to take the front stage in the sexual wellness sector.

The market is rising because of the acceptance of the LGBTQ+ community and women’s increasing willingness to experiment with sexual health products.

Problem Statement

Marina founded an online sex store in 2007. her website has been moderately successful.

she’s struggling to drive enough traffic and sales to grow her business. She wants to expand her customer base and increase revenue substantially.

She wants to transform her store into a larger online marketplace that connects buyers with a vastly expanded selection of products.

Her vision is to create a marketplace therefore it makes it easy to open a storefront and sell its products.

To tackle the challenge, the founder explored modules that could facilitate the transformation of her store into an online marketplace.

How did Webkul help BonbonRose?

After evaluating numerous solutions, the founder came across Webkul’s Magento 2 extensions, which seemed to offer a promising path forward.

Furthermore, To gain a comprehensive understanding, the founder initiated an extensive discussion with Webkul’s team, through the UVdesk Tickets system.

She has been made clear about Webkul’s capability to integrate the Marketplace Multi Vendor Module for Magento 2 and the Marketplace Vendor Reward for Magento 2 to address her concern.

Additionally, with the support provided by Webkul, the integration process was executed smoothly.

Marketplace Multi Vendor Module for Magento 2

Magento 2 Marketplace Extension transforms your online store into a comprehensive online marketplace platform.


The extension empowers suppliers and sellers to seamlessly manage their product catalogs, and monitor inventory levels, profile page, and order page.


The Magento 2 Multi Vendor Marketplace extension seamlessly integrates with the Hyva theme ensuring a harmonious blend of visual appeal.

Magento 2 Marketplace Vendor Reward

Magento 2 Marketplace Vendor Reward System extension empowers marketplace sellers to implement a rewarding experience for their customers.


It enables sellers to allocate reward points to customers based on various criteria, such as product purchases, specific categories, or the total cart value.


This incentivizes customers and hence encourages repeat business while fostering a sense of loyalty and appreciation

Final Words

BonbonRose was able to overcome its obstacles and improve the functioning of its business by implementing Webkul’s Magento 2 extension.

The company had a significant increase in sales following the module’s adoption, therefore it changed everything.

To gain further insights, explore the additional Magento 2 extensions available.

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