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    Case Study Tynor

    Tynor: Indian Orthopedic Brand Improving Its Return Order Process and Customer Experience

    Platform Adobe Commerce
    Industry Health
    Country India

    Tynor is a leading orthopedic appliance manufacturer and exporter in India with a functional online e-commerce store.

    The company was founded in 1993 and has since expanded its product offerings to include orthopedic solutions for various healthcare needs.


    Tynor has established itself as the premier manufacturer and exporter of best-in-class orthotic solutions.

    Tynor’s products include orthopedic solutions for cure, sports, and life.

    Their mission is to revolutionize the orthopedic industry by offering solutions for preventing health issues.

    By embracing a make-in-India approach, Tynor is committed to transforming itself into a globally recognized healthcare brand.

    They took their online store customer experience to another level with the help of Magento Development services.

    The Dynamics of the Indian Orthopaedic Market

    The Indian orthopedic market is experiencing a high growth rate due to factors such as the increasing aging population and the rise in diseases.

    According to Statista, the revenue in the Orthopedic Devices market in India is estimated to reach US$0.63bn in 2024.


    The market contains a wide range of products and services, including implants, prosthetics, braces, and rehabilitation equipment.

    Moreover, the rise in sports-related injuries and lifestyle disorders further drives demand for orthopedic supplies.

    The Indian orthopedic market continues to evolve, offering massive opportunities for growth and innovation.

    Need For Improving Return Operations

    Tynor realized the importance of a hassle-free return process to provide customer satisfaction.

    However, managing returns efficiently became a challenge due to manual handling and disparate systems.

    With high competition in the orthopedic industry, Tynor wanted to build customer loyalty and retention.

    The absence of a loyalty program restricted repeat purchases and strengthened brand identity.

    Tynor identified the need to simplify its e-commerce operations to meet the demands of online consumers.

    Return Merchandise Authorization

    Magento 2 RMA Extension helped Tynor in managing product returns, exchanges, refunds, and order cancellations.


    Webkul’s RMA Extension allowed Tynor to simplify its return process.

    The extension automated the process of returning products, enabling customers to initiate returns easily through the e-commerce platform.


    This improved transparency and efficiency in handling returns, enhancing overall customer satisfaction.

    Reward Points System

    Magento 2 Reward (Loyalty) Points Extension helped in customer engagement and loyalty.


    This extension enabled Tynor to launch a loyalty program, rewarding customers for purchases, referrals, and other actions.

    By offering redeemable loyalty points, exclusive discounts, and personalized incentives, Tynor grew a loyal customer base and increased repeat purchases.


    This resulted in increasing customer lifetime value and brand value of Tynor.


    Webkul played an important role in helping Tynor to optimize its e-commerce platform and upgrade customer experience.

    With these innovative solutions, Tynor achieved greater operational efficiency, improved customer satisfaction, and strengthened brand loyalty.

    This helped them strengthen their position as a leading orthopedic appliance manufacturer and exporter in India and beyond.

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