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    Case Study Chao Catering

    Does Chao Catering Overcome the Challenge by Integrating Shopify Salesforce Connector?

    Platform Salesforce
    Industry Food
    Country Australia

    In this success story, we have disclosed how Chao Catering overcome its challenge by integrating Shopify Salesforce Connector.

    The three pillars of Chao Catering are culture, excellence, and sustainability. They work continuously to improve, creating tasty product lines for those with unique dietary needs and exploring innovative strategies to have a smaller environmental effect. Also, dedicated to continually providing their customers with an exceptional experience. The main goal is to ensure your contentment.

    They provide great menus with choices of special diets that are gluten-free, healthy, and vegan friendly. A staff of skilled chefs provides authentic, handcrafted meals at Chao Catering. The meals are delicious, filling, and extremely reasonably priced. They use sustainable processes and local products to acquire premium ingredients. However, the cuisine is always prepared freshly and artistically presented to wow the visitors. Chao Catering also goes above and beyond what you would expect.

    They offer individualized and skilled catering for small to big business and private events in Sydney and the surrounding areas. Crows Nest and Randwick are where we have the restaurants located. For your parties, we specialize in superb Vietnamese food. Whether it’s a fun business event or a leisurely lunch with family and friends, Chao Catering has something to offer. In addition, they provide some services such as live cooking, drop-off catering, and set up & get ready.

    What Kind of Challenge was Faced by Chao Catering?

    Chao Catering wanted to sync all their data automatically into their Salesforce Sales Cloud CRM account. With this, they could easily understand the data insights. For this, they added the data manually into their CRM account which takes a lot of their time.


    Webkul Salesforce experts help them by integrating Shopify Salesforce Connector. The connector made them sync all their data automatically and save time. In the background, Webkul experts helped with the setup and configuration of the connector.

    How does Integrating Shopify Salesforce Connector of Webkul Help Chao Catering Grow Its business?

    By integrating Shopify Salesforce Connector, Chao Catering got the solution that resolved their problem, manual data sync. After getting the solution, they can sync data automatically which saves a lot of time they invested in their business. Also, they got more specific reports that took their eye on those specific areas of business in which it is required to work on for growth.

    The benefits Chao Catering got by integrating Shopify Salesforce connector are mentioned here:-

    1. Management of Inventory.
    2. Transaction or Fulfillment of the order.
    3. Draft Order Sync.
    4. Synchronization on a real-time basis.
    5. Customers are syncing as Business accounts or Personal accounts on Salesforce.
    6. Maintain Synced data of logs.
    7. Mapping of Fields.
    8. Record type Mapping.
    9. You can sync on the basis of the Matching Criteria
    10. If the customer was registered but has not done any purchases then you have to make a selection to create leads.
    11.  Compatible with NPSP packages and CPQ
    12. Shopify Order to Salesforce Opportunities in sync.

    You can easily buy the Shopify Salesforce connector from eShopSync or Salesforce Appexchange.

    What Results did Chao Catering get From Webkul?

    As a result, Chao Catering was happy as we helped him resolve the challenges by integrating Shopify Salesforce Connector. They got to sync all the data in real-time and got to know about their business things specifically. So, they got the solution, and we got the success story. The Webkul Salesforce Professionals were always here to help you whether you want to hire a consultant, or developer, or buy any service or product. you can also write us an email at [email protected].

    Disclaimer – Please note all the images and content used in this article belong to their respective copyright owners. If you have any issues or complaints related to this article, please send us an email at [email protected].
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