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    Case Study Falconfresh

    Falconfresh: UAE Online Grocery Store Increases Product Visibility via Google Shopping Feeds

    Platform Adobe Commerce
    Industry Food
    Country United Arab Emirates

    Falconfresh is a UAE online grocery store that offers a wide selection of grocery items for purchase and delivery.

    It provides customers with the convenience of an extensive online inventory of grocery essentials and specialty items.


    Falconfresh’s supermarket store in the UAE guarantees freshly stocked inventory and builds customer loyalty.

    In this case study, we examine how Falconfresh online shop and e-commerce business were enhanced and expanded with the use of Magento development services.

    Online Grocery Store in the Middle East

    As per Globaldata, The Middle East and Africa food and grocery industry, estimated at USD 262.8 billion in 2022, is expected to grow at over 3% CAGR during the 2022-2027 period.

    Major players in the field including Al Shaya Group, LuLu Group International, and Al Futtaim Retail hold significant market share in the region.

    An online store allows customers to shop for groceries on their own time, without having to visit the physical store. 

    This is helpful for busy individuals with mobility challenges and who live farther away can now shop online.

    Problem Statement

    The founder had been running their online store on the Magento 2 platform for a couple of years.

    Although sales were decent, the founder realized they could reach many more customers via Google Shopping ads, but creating the required optimized product feed was a complex, time-consuming challenge.

    The founder researched solutions and came across the Magento 2 Google Shopping Feed Extension developed by Webkul.

    How does Webkul help Falconfresh?

    Founder has approached Webkul’s team for further clarification about the extension.

    Webkul’s team used the UVdesk tickets system to communicate with Falconfresh’s team and understand their necessities.

    After productive discussions, the founder implemented Webkul’s Magento 2 Google Shopping Feed Extension.

    Provided Magento 2 Google Shopping Feed Extension

    Magento 2 Google Shopping Feed Extension empowers online retailers to visually display their products alongside competitors on Google search results, enhancing their online presence.


    It enables Magento 2 merchants to effortlessly create and manage Google Product feeds, seamlessly exporting items to their Google Merchant account, while efficiently mapping Magento categories to Google shopping ones.

    To enhance the store’s online presence, efficiently integrate products with Google Feed using the Content API for a seamless shopping experience.

    Below is the product which has been added to Google shopping feeds.


    The product listed on the store is reflected in the Google shopping feed.

    falcon product google shopping feed

    Final Words

    By integrating Webkul’s Magento 2 Google Shopping Feed, Falconfresh effectively addressed its challenges and successfully transformed its online store.

    Through implementing this extension, there is a lot of increase in customer engagement and thus sales of the company.

    Falconfresh’s partnership with Webkul showcases the power of cutting-edge e-commerce tech, promoting business growth and customer satisfaction.

    You can also check out other Magento 2 marketplace addons and Magento 2 extensions.

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