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Case Study Simply Good

Simply Good: USA Gourmet Kitchen Expansion With WooCommerce POS System

Platform WooCommerce
Industry Food
Country United States

Simply Good is a cloud kitchen where they offer fresh foods to their customers. These foods are being prepared by the professional chefs.

They don’t use frozen or pre-made ingredients and want to make food that matches what people in their community love to eat.

With the help of an online store, Simply Good expands its reach and allows consumers to buy their desired food products from home.

Through WooCommerce development services, Simply Good was able to expand and fulfill the desired functionality.

Global Cloud Kitchen Market

As per, The market for cloud kitchens is projected to grow to USD 194.6 billion by 2032 globally.


The global market for online food ordering is growing due to rising demand and low launch costs.

Cloud kitchens depend totally on technology to serve their customers, this creates a growing opportunity for the tech. companies.

How does Webkul help Simply Good?

Simply Good has its online store on WooCommerce which is an eCommerce Platform.

In search for POS plugins, The founder came across the WooCommerce POS plugin by Webkul.

Webkul’s team used the UVdesk ticketing system to have detailed discussions with Luxeny’s team to understand their needs.

The founder started using Webkul’s Point of Sale system (POS) for WooCommerce and looking for some modifications to it.

Provided WooCommerce Point of Sale system (POS)

The WooCommerce POS plugin offers store owners a tool to manage both their online and physical retail operations.

A POS system keeps manage of what customers buy, takes payments, and issues receipts.


This integrated system enables merchants to run their webstore and in-person sales through one platform.

POS system can connect online and offline sales therefore it lets stores sync all sales and customer data between physical and online stores.

Additionally, The system helps increase daily sales by letting owners easily manage both types of stores from one place.

Add-On Features and Customisation

The founder was looking for some additional features and customizations, so Webkul put together a committed group of skilled experts to meet his needs.

Below are the following points to be customized –


In summary, Webkul was crucial in helping Simply Good, a cloud kitchen business, with its WooCommerce Plugins.

After installing POS system and with customizations, the founder was able to operate the webstore efficiently.

Simply Good was able to modify its WooCommerce store to satisfy its unique needs and accomplish its objectives by working with Webkul.

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