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Case Study Shahi Groceries

Shahi Groceries: Canadian Grocery Store Streamlines Multi-Channel Sales Operations

Platform OpenCart
Industry Food
Country Canada

Shahi Groceries is a Canadian grocery store that is a one-stop shop for authentic Indian food products and ingredients.

They have a large catalog where customers can find ready-to-eat meals, spices, and all the essentials needed to recreate their favorite Indian dishes.

The store believes customer satisfaction and keeping customers happy and fulfilled is the key to a successful food and grocery business.

Canadian Grocery Store

Whether looking for something sweet or savory, the grocery store has it all for those craving a taste of Indian food.

They encourage customers to be their chefs and provide all the necessary items to bring those traditional flavors to life.

OpenCart development services helped them to manage their online store with their physical outlets.

Online Grocery Market in Canada

The online grocery market in Canada is growing quickly as more people are buying groceries over the internet instead of going to physical stores.

According to Statista, online grocery sales in Canada were worth $5.7 billion in 2020 and will grow to $24.5 billion by 2025.

Canadian Grocery Store

Online grocery shopping is very popular as people want to avoid crowds and enjoy the convenience of having groceries delivered to their homes.

Canada has a large South Asian population so there is great demand for authentic Indian spices, lentils, flours, snacks, and ready-made meals.

Online e-commerce marketplace grocers are expanding their selection of Indian food products to meet this consumer need in Canada.

What Challenges did Shahi Groceries face?

Shahi Grocery wanted to sell products in its physical stores and its online website in a seamless way.

They had challenges keeping track of inventory, sales, and customer information across their different selling channels.

It was difficult to manage products and orders on multiple available physical outlets and the online store in real time.

So they needed a point of sale(POS) solution that could connect with their existing online OpenCart store.

To meet this business requirement they contacted Webkul with the help of UVdesk support.

In this case study we’ll come to know about the solution that resolved Shahi Groceries’ challenges.


Integrating OpenCart Point Of Sale System

The OpenCart POS System extension provided Shahi Grocery with the system they needed to manage their physical outlets and online store seamlessly.

This eliminated having to manually enter information in two separate systems as the POS system worked even without the internet for placing the orders.

The following image shows the store interface of the POS terminal.

store pos

The store staff could take customer orders in person and all the sales, inventory, and customer data would automatically sync with their online OpenCart store.

The below image shows the products and the cart items in the POS terminal.

pos cart

Shahi Grocery’s admin can now print barcodes, schedule future deliveries, and allow sales agents to process returns right from the POS system.

The following image shows the product information and quantity available in the store.

cart item pos

It provides customers with a modern shopping experience using various payment methods like cash, cards, UPI, or a combination.

The below picture shows the checkout window for POS that is very easy to use for store agents.

checkout pos

They could also conveniently use their account credit balance to purchase products from the pos outlet and this minimise shipping and logistic integration at POS.

This POS also has a functionality to show all order details that the customer placed with a unique order ID as shown below.

orders pos

The admin can also check the detailed report of sales that were made as shown in the following image.

pos report

Now they can expand their business by opening multiple outlets and syncing it with this POS system.

End Note

The OpenCart extensions were a helpful solution for Shahi Grocery which allowed them to streamline their in-store and online operations.

The POS system lets Shahi Grocery provide a seamless shopping experience to customers whether they visit the store or buy online.

Overall, this extension streamlined Shahi Grocery’s operations and enabled them to deliver a smooth experience across all their sales channels.

Shahi Grocery solved the challenges by providing customers with a modern, convenient shopping experience.

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